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TRULINCS is a privilege; therefore. the Warden or an authorized representative may limit or deny the privilege. By participating In the TRULINCS program, Inmates and the persons In the community with whom they correspond voluntarily consent to having all incoming and electronic messages monitored and retained by Bureau staff. In order for an Inmate to participate in Trulincs electronic messaging program he must click on the acceptance button at each login. The contact will receive a generated message. Messaging may begin after the contact approves communication. In order to approve messaging the contact must register with Corrlinks. They must enter the email address that was received with the message along with Identification code: S62T72RX . The identification code will expire In 10 days. For additional Information the contacts can visit · www.bop.gov/inmateJlrograms/trulincs_faq.jsp FAQ page.

TRULINCS Restrictions· Inmates are excluded from electronic messaging when it Is determined that their use would threaten the safety, security or orderly running of the institution or the protection of the public and staff. Inmates housed in SHU & SMU wlll have access to the Education Law LIbrary, print services and access to purchasing TRU·Units.

Use of the TRULINCS system -Hours of operation are: 6:00 a.m. untl111:30 p.m .• daily. You will need the following to login; register number without hyphen H. phone access code (PAC) and personal identification number (Commissary PIN) Inmates assigned to the general population housing units will have access to the following TRULINCS Services: Purchase TRU-Unlts. public messaging (email). view account transactions, send funds (BP·199s), contact list management, (email list, telephone number list. postal mailing list for labels. print services, electronic law library). You will be charged 1 unit per minute while in the Public Messaging Service. You may purchase TRU· Units at .05 per unit. Minimum amount ofTRU-Units to purchase -40 units, maxim um amount 600 units.

You will create/manage your own contact list. Your contact list will consist of, email addresses. telephone numbers, postal mailing labels, fund transfers (BP-199). You are allowed a maxImum of; 100 total contacts, only a total of 30 telephone numbers & 30 email addresses. When an email address Is entered. the system will send an email to the contact requesting their approval to communicate. You may check the status of each contact’s email address by viewing your contact list -message list. Your telephone numbers will be available for calling approxlmatelv 15 minutes after being entered. You must enter a name and postal mailing address for each contact you wish to call.

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