FDC Oakdale Educational Programs

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law and Leisure Ubrary -It Is the policy of this Institution that inmates have reasonable access to legal material and to counsel for preparation of legal documents. It is also our policy to provide inmates with library services necessary for education, cultural, and leisure activity. A variety of newspapers, reference materials, and periodicals are available. Titles, unavailable In the library, may be obtained through the inter-library loan services. library services are extended to all Inmates. Commissary cards are required to check out at/library materials.

Incentive Awards -$25.00 will be awarded to inmates who complete a GEO class by passing the Official General Education Development Examination (GED). A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded for completion of levels 1 and 2 of the literacy Program. $25.00 will be awarded to inmates who complete ESl class by passing the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System Examination (CASAS).

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