FDC Oakdale Employment

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The factory at FCI Oakdale 15 a cut and sews operation manufacturing shirts, pants and jumpSUits primarily for the Federal Prison system. All revenue generated by the factory Is used to pay for raw materials, new equipment, and utilities. In addition, profits are used to pay UNICOR inmates’ gratuities, staff salaries, fund vocational training programs, pre-industry programs, experimental vocational programs, and incentive awards.

Inmates desiring employment In UNICOR should submit a Request to Staff Member, “cop-out,” addressed to the Factory Manager requesting employment.

Once they have completed A&O. An inmate with prior UNICOR work experience during the inmate’s current commitment and with no break in custody will ordinarily be placed within the top ten percent of the waiting list, unless the Inmate was transferred for diSCiplinary reason, was placed in segregation, or voluntarily left his UNICOR work assignment for non-program reasons. The date you submit your “copout” requesting employment determines your place on the hiring list.

Hiring will be based on prior UNtCOR Experience, Reentry procedures, and the date copout was submitted.

Inmates are paid either hourly or on an incentive plan. Your job assignment and/or education restriction will determine the pay method, Vacation days are earned at the rate of ~day each month for the first year of employment (6 days per year), and one day per month (12 days per year) after completing a year of working in Industries. Old law inmates earn an additional five days per month of Industrial Good TIme (IGT). Overtime is occasionally available and hourly workers earn double time. Piecework workers are paid on the Incentive ptan, In addition, there are numerous cash incentives and suggestion award programs available.

The following UNICOR hourly pay schedule is In effect. Grade 5 .23 Grade 4 .46 Grade 3 . 69 Grade 2 .92 Grade 1 1.15

Piecework workers are paid based upon the number of pieces produced each day Umes the dollar value assigned to work performed.

Inmates hired as hourly workers without prior UNICOR experience start at pay grade 5 and those with prior UNICOR experience normally start at pay grade 4.

Inmates may also become eligible to earn longevity pay, in addition to the pay grade, at the rate of: 18 months .10 30 months .15 42 months .20 60 months .25 84 months .30

For inmates with “high” work ethics, knowledge and skills levels may be eligible for premium pay, which is an additional .20 per hour pay.

There are several areas within the factory inmates are assigned to work. They are: Production Quality Assurance Business Office Warehouse Maintenance/Machine Repair Janitorial Cutting

You may request to work in any of these areas; however UNICOR staff will assign you to a job based upon the factory needs.

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