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Health services are provided on a 24-hour basis throush routine clinic and Urgent Care. You will be provided necessary medical. dental and mental health services by professional staff, consistent with acceptable community standards.

You may request any or all of these services at routine trlal e sick call in the Medical Department, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 6:15 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. or by requesting a staff member to contact the Health Services Department for an Urgent Request. You may also talk with Health Services Staff at noon mainline, Monday thru Frldav.

Triage is defined as the classification of patients according to priority of need for examination and/or treatment. Triage allows truly urgent conditions to be addressed adequate IV on the same dav, while also allowing more routine conditions or concerns to be addressed at a scheduled appointment.
Appointments will be scheduled with the appropriate Mid-level Provider (MlP) within a time frame appropriate for the inmate’s condition and medical needs. If no follow-up appointment is warranted, the inmate will be advised of other options (e.g. obtaining over·the-counter medications from the Commissary, submitting an “Inmate Request to Staff Member’” form BP-A148, etc.

Inmates must complete the top portion of the triage form located in the Medical Department. Virtually, all clinical services provided to the Inmates wlll be by appointment, scheduled several days to weeks In advance, through a request from the Inmate or follow-up appointments determined by the providers .

Failure to report to your scheduled appointment mav result in an incident report. Your sick call appointment may not necessarily be on the date that you signed up. You are responsible for notifying your Detail supe~isoror Unit Officer of your scheduled upcoming appointment. There is no sick call on weekends, federal observed holidays or Wednesday.

If you become III or receive an Injury during this time frame, you must have a staff member contact the Health Services Department for you. The medical staff will then triage your medical needs and provide medical treatment, if Indicated. levels of care that are not generally provided and medically acceptable, but not medically mandatory are for your convenience. The Clinical Director, who Is the health authority at this Institution, wlll make the determination as to what is medically acceptable, but not medicallv necessary. Medical services are provided bV Bureau of Prisons staff and consultants from the surround communities.

While you are in A&O status, you will be given a medical examination, a dental evaluation, and necessary immunizations shots. If you are returning from a writ, a stay at a BOP Medical Center or transferring from one of our other facilities, your medical files will be reviewed. A complete physical may not be necessary. When properly cleared by appropriate clinical staff, you will be released from A&O.


Pursuant to the Federal Prisoner Health Care Copavment Act (FHCCA) of 2000 (P.L. 106-294, 18 U.S.c. § 4048), The Federal Bureau of Prisons and FCC Oakdale provide notice of the Inmate Co payment Program for health care, effective October 3, 2005.

Application: The Inmate Copayment Program applies to anyone in an institution under the Bureau’ s jurisdiction and anyone who has been charged with or convicted of an offense against the United States, except inmates in Inpatient status at a MedIcal Referral Center (MRC). All Inmates In outpatient status at the MRCs and inmates assigned to the General Population at these facilities are subject to co-pay fees.

Health Care Visits with a Fee:

1. You must pav a fee of $2.00 for health care services, charged to your Inmate Commissary Account, per health care visit, if you receive health care services in connection with a health care visit that you requested, except for services described In section C, below.

These requested appointments include sick call and after-hours requests to see a health care provider. If you ask a non-medical staff member to contact medical staff to request a medical evaluation on your behalf for a health service not listed In section C, below, you will be charged a $2.00 co-pay fee for that visit.
2. You must pay a fee of $2.00 for health Cilre services, charged to your Inmate Commissary Account. per health care visit, if you are found responsible through the Disciplinary Hearing Process to have injured an inmate who, as a result of the injury, requires a health care visit.

Health Care Visits with no Fee:

We will not charge a fee for:

Health care services based on health care staff referr3ls Health Care staff-approved follow-up treatment for a chronic condition Preventive health care services Emergency services Diagnosis or treatment of chronic infectious diseases Mental health care or Substance abuse treatment

If a health care provider orders or approves any of the following, we wlll also not charge a fee for:

Blood pressure monitoring, Glucose monitoring. insulin injections, Chronic care clinics, T8 testing, Vaccinations, Wound tare and/or Patient education.

Your health care provider will determine if the type of appointment scheduled is subject to a co-pay fee.

Indigent: An Indigent Inmate is an Inmate who has not had a trust fund account balance of $6.00 for the past 30 days.

If you are considered indigent, you will not have the co-pay fee deducted from your Inmate Commissary Account.

If you are NOT Indigent, but you do not have sufficient funds to make the co-pay fee on the date of the appointment, a debt will be established by TRUFACS and the amount will be deducted as funds are deposited into your inmate Commissary Account.

Complaints: You may seek review of issues related to health service fees through the Bureau’s Administr3tive Remedy Program lsee 28 CFR Part 542).


FCC Oakdale will stock at least 25 OTC medications as referenced in the Trust Fund/ Warehouse/Laundry Manual. During instItution triage/sick cali, medical staff will refer inmates to the Commissary in response to complaints related to cosmetic and general hygiene issues or symptoms of minor medical ailments.
1. Inmates will have access to Over-the-Counter (OTC) medications In the Commissary.

2. Personal resources will be used by Inmates to obtain OTC medications that are indicated for cosmetic, general hygiene issues or symptoms of minor medical aliments. Examples of such complaints are:

Occasional Constipation Seasonal Allergies GI Upset Dandruff Athlete’s Foot Muscle Aches from Exertion

3. inmates will purchase OTC medications from the Commissary with their personal funds.


1. An inmate without funds is an inmate who has had an average daily trust fund account balance of less than $6.00 for the past 30 days.
2. An inmate without funds may obtain additional OTC medications at sick call, If health services staff determine that you have an immediate medical need, which must be addressed before you may again apply for OTC medications.
3. All indigent inmates must come to the pharmacy on Wednesday between the hours of 8:00
a.m. -8:30 a.m., to request medication (Form BP+5788).
4. One request per Inmate per week will be accepted.
s. Inmates will select no more than two items on the Over-the+Counter Medications Request Form. If you need more than two items, you must attend triage/sick call.
6. When the pharmacy staff receives the form, they will verify the requesting inmate is without funds (Indigent) by reviewing the TRUFACS Browser Based Application Report for inmates without funds (Indigent Inmates).
7. Pharmacy will maintain a record of the OTC items issued to a given inmate for 30 days,

The DNA Analysis 8acklol Elimination Act of 2000: On December 19, 2000, Public Law 106-546, “‘The DNA Analysis Backlog Ellmination Act of 2000″, was enacted. This law requires the Bureau of Prisons to obtain DNA samples from Inmates/detainess convicted of qualifying offenses. The law applies to inmates with a current or past qualifying offense. The collection of DNA samples will be a routine part of the admission process for new Inmates with an offense which qualifies for DNA testing. Contact your Unit Manager or Case Manager to determine if this requirement applies to you.

Diagnostic studies for InfectiOUS disease are mandatory and should you refuse, you will be maintained in SHU status, unless released by the Clinical Director.


The Medical Director wltl ensure the availability of age-specific preventive health examinations le.g., cancer screening) for the inmate population.

Information regarding these examinations will be posted Information in the Health Services Department and individual patient education associated with clinical encounters.


Urgent dental care requests will be evaluated by the Registered Nurse or Emergency Medical Technician. who signs up inmates/detainees during routine sick call from 6:15 a.m. -6:30 a.m.


Routine requests for dental care will be sent to the Chief Dental Officer via a cop-out. When you are to be evaluated by the Dentist for routine care, you will be placed on the daily call-out sheet.


You will be given an appointment to return to the Health Services Department prior to the early morning census count at 8:00 a.m. for evaluation by the DentIst, who will determine If you have a dental problem requiring immediate attention. Urgent care services are provided for relief of pain and/or infection. Due to the transient nature of the population, long term dental treatment cannot be scheduled.


All call-outs for medical and dental appointments will be posted in your unit and you are responsible to check it daily. Faiture to report for a call-out wlU result in a possible incident report. You have a fifteen minute grace period prior to being identified as a call-out failure to report at the HSD. Only the Clinical Director will be authorized to refer you to a medical specialist in the community. This process starts at routine sick call by an evaluation from a Mid-level Provider. If you have a longstanding medical problem, you wll1 be placed on a specialty/chronic care clinic list and will be scheduled for an appointment via callout. You are responsible to check the call-out and make your appointments.


Controlled medications are dispensed at a prescribed location -the “pill line” -during the following times:

Monday -Friday

06:15 a.m. -06:30 a.m.
11:30 a.m. -12:00 p.m.
05:00 p.m. -05:30 p.m.
07:30 p.m. -07:40 p.m.

Saturday, Sunday, & Holidays

08:00 a.m. -08:30 a.m.
12:00 p.m. -12:30 p.m.
05 ,00 p.m .• 05:30 p.m .
07:30 p.m. -07:40 p.m.

Medications, that require refills, will be taken to the 6:15 a.m. pill line and picked up at the 11:30 a.m. pill line next day. To pick up any medication, you must have your medical pass and 10 card. Refills will not be filled on the weekend. The Pharmacist will fill all prescriptions Monday -Friday.


OccaSionally, it may be necessary to restrict an individual’s activity without placing him in a clinical setting. In these cases, Individuals are placed on Medical Idle or Convalescent Status or Medically Unassigned Status. Medical Idle is written for up to three (3) days.

You must stay in your assigned cell except for meals, sick call, medical call-outs or religious services. Medically Convalescent is written or authorized by the Clinical Director for up to 30 days. You may be allowed out of the unit, if approved by the Ctrnical Director. Medical Unassigned is written or authorized by the Clinical Director. This Is a NNo WorkNStatus. You MAY NOT PARTICIPATE IN RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES on either of these statuses, unless specifically authorized by the Clinical Director. Only the Physician may extend the days off beyond three days, for a Medical Idle. Only a PhysiCian may place you on a Medically Unassigned or Convalescence Status.


The HSD, Recreation and Psychology Services offers a health promotion and disease prevention activity in the following areas:

1. Stress Management
2. Nutrition Counseling for Diabetics/Hypertension
3. Dental Hygiene/ Personal Hygiene
4. Infectious Disease
5. Low Back Pain
6. Cardiopulmonary Health/Stroke
7. (ancer, Effects of Smoking
8. Substance Abuse
9. Hyperlipidemia
10. Exercise, Weight loss (Fat Loss), Stretching/Calisthenics If you desire to be a participant in one or more of these programs, contact the Mid·level Provider via a cop·out. To request an appointment with the Psychologist, you should submit an inmate request to your Unit Staff who will forward the request to the Psychology Department.


If you are Injured while performing an assigned duty, you must immediately report this injury to your Detail Supervisor. The Detail Supervisor wJti then contact the Health Services Department to have you evaluated. The Mid-level Provider will complete an Injury report and provide a copy to the Institution Safety Manager. If injured, while performing an assigned duty and the Mid-level Provider determines you will be impaired to some degree, you may file a claim with the Safety Manager for processing under the Inmate Accident Compensation Act (DEMKO Claim). A medical evaluation must be included in the claim when submitting the same.


An Optometrist Is scheduled to visit the institution on a monthly basis. Those requesting to see the Optometrist must make a sick-cali appointment for an initial eye screening and referral. You wi1l be scheduled at the earliest possible date. Once you have been evaluated by the Optometrist. glasses will be ordered from UNICOR. Inmates will be placed on call-out to receive their glasses upon arrival (usually within 6 -8 weeks). If an inmate wishes to purchase his own glasses, he must obtain a package authorization through his Unit Team and approval from the Health Services Administrator.


Inmates, reporting to the Institution with contact lenses, will be evaluated for the medical necessity of contact lenses. If contact lenses are not medically Indicated, the inmate will be required to purchase eyeglasses from his home or have the Institution provide him with glasses. Upon the arrival of these glasses, the Inmate will be required to send his contact lenses home.
If contact lenses are medically indicated, the Health Service Department will purchase the contact lens and provide the cleaning solutions for their upkeep.


There are no medical diets at this institution. Inmates will pick and choose from available entrees on the serving lines.
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