FDC SeaTac Library and Publication Rules

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Leisure Library

The Education Department maintains a mobile leisure book cart on all housing units to include Special Housing Unit (SHU). The carts are rotated bi-weekly. The Education Department provides a wide variety of magazines and newspapers (English and Spanish) that are distributed to the units. Hard back books will be available to cadre inmates only. Reference materials and a Career Resource Center (CRC) are maintained in the Education Department and can be accessed by submitting an Inmate Request to Staff (cop-out). The CRC is for use by cadre inmates only.

Law Library

The Law Library is contained in an electronic law database accessible via computer workstations in each unit. Most legal materials can be located by performing a search on the Electronic Law Library (ELL) database. Inmates requiring training on the use of the ELL should send a copout to the Education Technician who will schedule a time to view the ELL Training DVD. Some materials are maintained in hard copy format in the Law Library in Education. These materials include the Criminal Law Reporter, Program Statements, Institutional Supplements and other materials to aid with your legal research and document preparation. The library is only open for inmates to prepare legal documents and to utilize those materials not available on the ELL database. Law Library materials are not to be removed from the Law Library. Unauthorized possession of such material is a prohibited act and may result in disciplinary action. A basic library is also maintained in the Special Housing Unit (SHU). All inmates must adhere to the rules and procedures of the library. Designated inmates must submit an Inmate Request to Staff Member or sign up on the Law Library sign-up sheet located in the housing units to be placed on the call-out for the Law Library. Once placed on call-out, you are required to remain in the Education Department until the end of the assigned period.
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