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Personal Property

At the time of admission, all inmates may keep the following items:

o All addresses and phone numbers.
o Prescription eyeglasses & contacts
o Wedding ring-plain band with no stones; and with a declared value of less than $100.00.
o Legal reference materials, letters and news clippings.
o Dentures, hearing aid, other prosthetic devices, may require approval from the Medical Department.
o Religious medal and chain with a total declared value of $100.00 or less)
o 25 total photographs, unframed and unbacked. Nude photos will not be authorized.

Inmates will not be able to possess more than 1 book of postage stamps or the equivalent of 20 stamps. If you require more postage, see unit team for approval.

Inmates MAY NOT give or receive anything to or from another inmate. Items in excess of limits in the institution supplement will be confiscated. For additional information regarding personal property authorized for retention, refer to Institution Supplement on Inmate Personal Property, and the institution’s commissary sales list.

The following items cannot be packed out for an airlift: baby powder; any liquids that do not have a manufacture seal, or any open bottles of liquids; any type of hobby craft items; no bandanas; only 5 books permitted; 2 pairs of sweats and 2 pairs of tennis shoes permitted; and no medications. Two boxes are the maximum that can be transferred to another institution.


Laundry will be conducted once a week. There is a laundry schedule posted on your unit for regular days and holidays.
Initial Issue: Upon arrival, you will be issued a standard bed roll consisting of two blankets, two sheets, one pillowcase, one towel, and one wash cloth.

Clothing Issue: Once you are assigned to a housing unit, your clothing will be delivered by the Laundry Foreman. Your clothing size will be determined by the information you provided on the laundry form you filled out when you entered R&D. You will be responsible for keeping your clothing and linen until you are released or transferred to another institution. Your personal issue will consist of a total of: Socks=7prs, boxers=7prs, t-shirts=7ea. khaki pants=3prs, khaki shirts=3ea. If you are assigned to a work detail, you will receive two additional uniforms and a pair of work boots. In addition to the above, female offenders will also be issued a total of: panties=7ea, bras=4ea, and nightgown=1. Total linen issuance will be 2 sheets, 2 face clothes, 2 towels, 1 pillow case, and 2 blankets. Clothing cannot be altered. You will be held responsible for any altered clothing.

Replacement & Reissue: Reissue of clothing due to wear or improper fit will be done only on your scheduled laundry day. Worn clothing should be returned to the laundry for exchange and not discarded. All exchanges will be placed in a pillow case with a cop-out stating the problem and exchanges will be conducted on a one for one basis. Requests for replacement clothing must be verified by a staff member. Officers need not to call laundry, sign an inmate request to staff (cop out) to verify missing item/items and place the cop out in the cop out box in your unit. Your complete name, unit and register number are required on all cop-outs.

Exchanges: Exchanges are outlined on a memorandum posted in each unit. You may on your laundry day, exchange up to two sheets, and one blanket OR 4 articles of clothing and request one shampoo. The exchange must be sent in your pillow case with a cop out. (Any full size sheet of paper will do.) During a holiday week, blanket exchanges will not be conducted.
Laundry Pick-up: Laundry carts will be picked up between the hours of 6a.m.-7a.m. on your scheduled laundry day. All clothing will be sent to and from the Laundry in a secured laundry bag. The laundry bags should be placed in the brown laundry cart prior to the pick-up time. The brown laundry cart is available on the unit the night prior to your scheduled laundry day.

Delivery: All clothing, linen and blankets will be returned to the unit by the end of the work day in a clean laundry cart. At that time, it is your responsibility to retrieve your clothing/linen during laundry call.
Cop-Outs to Staff: Request to staff pertaining to laundry issues must be sent through the mail system with the complete name, unit and register number of the requesting inmate.

Release: Upon release from the institution, all clothing and bed linen will be taken to R&D and placed in the cart out front.

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