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Mail Room/Receiving and Discharge

Open House for Mail Room and Receiving & Discharge will be held in the Receiving and Discharge area. It is conducted on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:45 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.. There are postage scales and charts located in the inmate Library, for use in weighing outgoing regular and certified letters, or you may bring them to Open House.

Your incoming mail and outgoing mail will be processed at the Consolidate Mail Room located at FCI, Butner, NC. All mail, whether incoming or outgoing, must have your full name, register number, unit and correct return address on the envelope. Outgoing general correspondence may be placed in the mail receptacle located in each housing unit. Mail placed in this box cannot be sealed. General population inmates will be required to deliver their outgoing special mail directly to a staff member in Receiving and Discharge. Special mail will not be accepted by staff unless the inmate can be positively identified, by his commissary card, as the same inmate reflected on the return address. Inmates must identify the outgoing special mail by writing Special Mail or Legal Mail on the front of the envelope. The delivery time for special mail is 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays in Receiving and Discharge. Inmates housed in FMC 1E, 2 F, J-Unit and 5th floors will deliver special mail directly to the unit officer to be forwarded to Receiving and Discharge staff. This mail can only be addressed to a legal body such as, Congressman, President, Attorney, Parole Official, news media, etc. Program Statement 5265.11; 7.c, Correspondence, defines requirements and officials authorized to send or receive mail which may be sealed or opened in the presence of the inmates. See Special Mail below.

The following is the P.O. Box address for the Institution:

P.O. BOX 1600 BUTNER, NC 27509-1600

Unauthorized items received in your incoming mail will be returned to sender. You will be notified, if contraband was received and returned. Types ofcontraband include, but are not limited to, stationary items, musical cards, cigarettes, maps, food items, double backed (Polaroid) photos, stamps and stamped items, any sexually explicit or nude photos, body hair, drugs, etc.

You may receive soft cover publications (for example, paperback books, newspaper clippings, magazines, and other similar items) only from the publisher, from a book club, or from a bookstore. Limit of five per mailing.

Negotiable instruments are not accepted at the institution but must be sent to the Lock Box Program. Money orders, Government checks, Foreign negotiable instruments (US currency only), Bank drafts and Business checks must have your committed name and register number. If your name and number are not correct or are absent, the money is returned to sender. Cash is not accepted. The address for the Lockbox is:

Federal Bureau of Prisons Insert Inmate Register Number Insert Inmate Name Post Office Box 474701 Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001

Certified Mail is opened and recorded in a log book in the Mail Room. Inmates will be paged to report to the Mail Room and unit staff will require your signature prior to issuing the certified mail to you.

Special Mail

Special Mail is a category of correspondence which may be sent out of the institution unopened and unread by staff, which includes correspondence to: President and Vice President of the United States, U.S. Department of Justice (including Bureau of Prisons), U.S. Attorney’s Offices, Surgeon General, U.S. Public Health Service, Secretary of the Army, Navy, or Air Force, U.S. Courts, U.S. Probation Officers, Members of the U.S. Congress, Embassies and Consulates,

Governors, State Attorney General, Prosecuting Attorneys, Directors of State, Departments of Corrections, State Parole Commissioners, State Legislators, State Courts, State Probation Officers, other federal and state law enforcement officers, attorneys and representatives ofthe news media.

Special Mail also includes mail received from the following: President and Vice-President ofthe United States, Attorneys, Members of U.S. Congress, Embassies and Consulates, the U.S. Department of Justice (excluding the Bureau ofPrison), other federal law enforcement officers,
U.S. Attorneys, State Attorney General, prosecuting attorneys, Governors, U.S. Courts and State Courts. The sender must be adequately identified by using their name and title.

Incoming legal mail must be clearly marked as such -Special Mail or Legal Mail Open only in the presence ofthe inmate. It must also be identifiable as coming from an attorney or the Court. This marking must be on the front of the envelope. You will be delivered your special or legal mail and accountable mail by a member of the unit team. Themail will be opened and inspected in the inmate’s presence. There is an illustration folder on each unit relating to what qualifies as, both incoming and outgoing. If you have any questions, contact your unit staff. Without adequate identification as Special/Legal Mail, staffmay treat the mail as general correspondence.

No postage due mail is accepted. Stamps are purchased from the commissary. All postage is paid for by U.S. postage stamps.

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