FMC Butner Employment

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Inmates will initially be assigned when they are medically cleared. Requests for job changes must be submitted through the inmate’s supervisor if a job change is desired.

Generally the initial assignment for all inmates is food service. Job change requests will be
submitted to the inmate’s Unit Team after the current job supervisor has released you from the job assignment and you have been accepted in another position.

Work supervisors will be required to document unacceptable work performance over a period of at least two months before requesting an inmate be given a job change. During this two month period, the work supervisor will be responsible for detailing the inmate to a less demanding job on the current job assignment with close supervision in an attempt to bring up the job performance level. The exception to the two-month period will be if the inmate’s actions warrant an incident report, in which case, the inmate could be given a job change.

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