FMC Butner Religious Programs

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Chaplains access

The Chaplains have an open door policy. Chaplains are available at the Complex six nights a week until 9:00 pm. Counseling is available through the Chaplains or religious volunteers. (See current religious schedule for current events and a specific chaplain’s schedule.)

Religious Programs

Group and individual religious meetings are held in the Chapel area. The area also contains a religious library, video and audio tapes.

Phone Calls

Emergency phone calls, relating to immediate family, may be made through a Chaplain. Let your immediate family members know the institutional phone number. Your family may contact the institution and the phone call will be forwarded to one of the Chaplains. The Chaplains will verify the emergency and notify you.

Religious items

Religious head wear will be purchased through Commissary. Items such as Muslim Kufis, Rastafarian crowns and Native American Bandannas are sold in the Commissary. Prayer oils are also stocked in commissary.

Religious preference

Each inmate is encouraged to state their religious preference during the initial screening. If you would like to have it changed at any time, write your request on a CopOut and discuss it with a Chaplain. The changes will then be made in SENTRY. The preference will be used to determine eligible inmates for Work Proscription days (Holy Days), ceremonial meals, fasts and wearing of religious items.

Pastoral Visits/PVS

Pastoral visits are arranged through the chapel. You must request a visit by a spiritual advisor, clergy, or minister via a Cop-Out. The minister will then need to send a letter to the Chaplain on hisfher letter head stating which inmate he/she would like to visit. PVS is a national program to provide personal non-religious visits for inmates who don’t receive regular visits. See the Chaplain to obtain the address to request monthly visits. Pastoral and PVS visits will take place in the Visiting Room during normal visiting hours.


The Pastoral Care Department has approximately 115 volunteers servicing the religious needs of the inmate population. Several of the volunteers visit the various units and hospitals.

Greeting Cards

Cards are available free from the Chapel. Sign up for a maximum of four cards a week then return to the Chapel the following day to pick up the requested cards.


The Chapel is the place to pursue and reflect on your spiritual life. The programs provided will allow you to grow in a positive and meaningful direction.
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