FMC Butner Substance Abuse Programs

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There are currently three different drug programs at this facility.

They are:

I. Forty-hour Drug Education Class
Transitional Drug Treatment
Non-residential Drug Treatment
Forty Hour Drug Education Class

Who is required to take the forty-hour education class?
You are required to take the class if you meet one or more ofthe following criteria:

Drug and/or alcohol use contributed to the commission of the crime for which you are currently incarcerated.

Your judge recommended drug programming while you are incarcerated.

You violated parole by using alcohol or drugs.

If I am required to take drug education and I refuse, what will happen to me? By law, if you are required to take drug education and you decline or fail the class, you will face both ofthe following consequences:

You will be kept at maintenance pay regardless of where you work or how many hours you work. This pay is $5.25 monthly.

You will be ineligible to go to a halfway house.

My sentencing judge has recommended that I receive drug treatment while I am in prison.
Will the forty hour program be counted as drug treatment? No, this class is not the same as drug treatment. It is simply an education class provided in group format. If you are court recommended to attend drug treatment, you need to apply for the Residential Drug Program.

Can I volunteer to take forty hour class even though I am not required to take it? Yes, send a “Inmate Request to Staff Member” (Cop-Out) to the Drug Program Coordinator.

Transitional Drug Treatment

Inmates who have graduated from a Bureau of Prisons’ residential drug program are required to receive transitional drug treatment services for a period of 1’2-months following graduation. If you have graduated from a residential program in the BOP, contact drug treatment staff regarding services available.

Non-residential Drug Treatment

In some cases, inmates cannot attend the residential drug program, but still request drug treatment. In this case, a treatment plan will be created with you which will include counseling services from a member ofthe psychology department, attendance at AAINA meetings, reading assignments and written assignments. Inmates may enter into non-residential drug treatment under the following circumstances:

You must have a documented history of substance dependency or substance abuse and meet diagnostic criteria for a substance abuse disorder. This will be determined through review of your central file and an interview with psychology or drug treatment staff.

You have received too little time on your sentence to complete a residential program and/or you have documented medical problems that would interfere with full program participation.

Nine-month/500 hour Residential Treatment Program

Residential drug treatment is not offered at this facility, but is available at Fel Butner, another part of the complex. In order to be considered for the drug program, an inmate must meet the following admission criteria:

You must have a documented history of substance dependency or substance abuse, and meet diagnostic criteria for a substance abuse disorder. This will be determined through review of your central file and an interview with psychology/drug treatment staff.

You ordinarily must have 36 months or less remaining on your sentence.

You must be able to speak, read and write English fluently.

A willingness to accept the requirements of the program as indicated by a signed agreement ofprogram participation.

Qualifications for Early Release
An inmate who successfully completes a Residential Drug Treatment Program in the Bureau of Prisons during his commitment may be eligible for early release (up to I year) unless his current offense is termed a crime of violence, or has a prior state or federal conviction for homicide, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault or child sexual abuse offenses. Any pending charges or detainers would need to be dropped in order to grant a provisional eligibility for early release.

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