FMC Carswell Mental Health of Prisoners

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Psychology Services has organized its program for female offenders into four tracks as a means of efficiently offering a wide variety of self-improvement and recovery opportunities. The track model is similar to the organization of academic course work in a college setting. Inmates, in consultation with their Unit Team or on referral from Mental Health staff, may choose an organized series of group experiences which address their primary relevant issues.

There are four tracks: Abuse Recovery, Addictions, Values, and Wellness. Each track consists of four Core Groups and two AElectives.@ The core groups are each offered several times a year, and the electives allow inmates to individualize their experience. The track system provides direction and a clear sense of accomplishment, as well as measurable goals. Once an inmate has completed a track, she may choose another. Inmates interested in participating in any of the tracks should send an Inmate Request to Staff Member addressed to the Psychology Department referencing the title of the track.

Abuse Recovery Track

This series of group experiences is designed to help inmates identify the consequences of abuse and trauma in their lives, develop adaptive coping skills, and avoid the Avictim@ trap. Emphasis is placed on mastering painful memories; breaking the cycle of abuse, trauma, and neglect; and developing healthy boundaries. The core groups include:

1. Abuse Treatment 1
2. Abuse Treatment 2
3. Boundary Issues
4. Domestic Violence

Addictions Track

The Addictions Track includes support, process and didactic groups designed to facilitate recovery from a variety of addictive behaviors including alcoholism, drug addiction, and nicotine dependance. Abstinence is conceptualized as being a biopsychosocial process. Emphasis is placed on accepting personal responsibility. The core groups include:

1. Cognitive Skills
2. Relapse Prevention
3. Relationship Issues
4. Release Issues

Values Track

A series of groups designed to assist female inmates to explore the lifestyles they have chosen for themselves by examining their sources of stress and conflict, the principles by which they make decisions, and their relationships. Inmates are encouraged to make healthy, prosocial choices to improve institutional adjustment, establish appropriate relationships with peers and staff, and facilitate successful reintegration into their families and society. The core groups include:

1. Values 1 3. Values 2
2. Stress Management 4. Conflict Resolution

Wellness Track

The Wellness Track is designed to promote thinking, emotions and behaviors which maximize health. Wellness Track experiences involve integrating medical and psychological concepts to alleviate suffering, increase self-control, replace old habits with healthy alternatives, and promote positive attitudes toward health and medical treatment. The core groups include:

1. Relaxation Techniques 3. Healthy Lifestyles
2. Self Awareness
3. Healthy Lifestyles
4. Chronic Illness Education


FMC Carswell also offers outpatient Psychiatric services. Inmates may submit an Inmate Request to Staff Member addressed to Psychiatry Services to request outpatient care.
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