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Inmates may possess only the property authorized in the Institution Supplement on Inmate Personal Property. Only items listed in Program Statement 5580.06, Inmate Personal Property , will be allowed to be transferred or allowed in from transfer. Items not listed in this Program Statement will be mailed to an address other than a Bureau of Prisons facility. Many of the items in the Personal Property Institution Supplement are for LOCAL USE ONLY. This means that some of the items sold in the Commissary at FMC Carswell are allowed only at this institution, and may NOT be transferred to another Federal institution.
All personal property must be stored in the inmate locker or other authorized areas. All personally owned items must be purchased from the Commissary unless otherwise noted.

Commissary Items : An inmate may not possess Commissary items in a quantity which occupies more than 25%
of the total locker.

Magazines, Newspapers, and Books : Only magazines and newspapers authorized by the Institution Supplement may be retained in an inmate=s possession. Magazines may be retained for three months from the date of issue. Newspapers may be retained for seven days from the date of issue. Inmates are limited to a total of 10 personally owned books, including religious books. Students will be allowed to maintain books directly related to their current educational/vocational training courses until completion of each course.
Legal Materials : An inmate is allowed to have legal material pertaining to current, ongoing
litigation and/or legal actions on her case. All legal material must be stored inside her personal locker or approved legal locker.

Radios : An inmate may possess only one Walkman-type radio with a declared value of no more than $100.

Radios must be purchased from the Commissary, and may only be worn and/or used during NON-WORKING hours due to safety concerns.

Watches : Inmates may possess only one watch with a declared value of no more than $100. Watches must be purchased from the Commissary.

Photographs, Picture Frames, Photo Albums, and Personal Letters : Each inmate may have a photo album containing no more than 25 photographs in accordance with the Institution Supplement. All photographs will be of snapshot size or include no more than one 8″ x 10″ size photograph. Photographs may be placed inside the doors of an inmate=s locker. Personal letters will be restricted to an amount (no more than 25) that can be contained in a standard-size shoe box.

Jewelry : A plain wedding band with no stones may be retained at the time of commitment or transfer. The value of the wedding band will not exceed $100.

Approved earrings with no stones are allowed. Hoop earrings may not be larger than a Quarter-size coin. Only one pair of earrings may be worn at a time, and may only be worn in the earlobes.

A religious medallion and chain not to exceed $100 is allowed. No other jewelry is permitted.

Coins/Stamps : No inmate is allowed to possess coins or paper money. An inmate is allowed to possess a maximum of up to three books of postage stamps (at the current rate).

For a complete list of allowable personal property items, refer to Institution Supplement 5580.06, Inmate Personal Property

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