FMC Carswell Visitation

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Visiting Times: The visiting rooms at the FMC and Camp will be open for
visits Monday and Friday from 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., and 8:00 a.m. to
3:00 p.m., Saturday, Sunday, and Federal holidays depending on a clear
institutional count. Visiting at the Administrative Unit will be from
8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday only.


Location: The Federal Medical Center is located on the Carswell NAS/JRB Base, Bldg
3000 “J” Street, which is within the city limits of Fort Worth, Texas. Institution phone
contact is (817) 782-4000. Visitors will check-in at the institutions east gate. No
weapons may be brought onto the Base and storage facilities are not available for
weapons. Two-way communication devices such as cellular telephones, pagers, and
Blackberry devices are prohibited inside of the institution and should be left in the
visitors personal vehicle. Storage areas provided are for visitors who have been dropped
off and do not have vehicles to leave these items in. Visitors will proceed directly to the
Front Lobby for processing into the Visiting Room. Upon completion of their visit, they
will proceed directly to the institution’s east gate.

Commercial transportation in the Fort Worth area may be
obtained by contacting the following area transportation centers:

1. Greyhound/Trailways Bus Lines

2. Yellow Cab

3. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport – (214)574-6000

4. Dallas/Fort Worth Limousine – (817) 467-5355

5. Love Field Airport (Southwest Airlines) – (214)263-1717

Dress code

Appropriate dress will be worn by all visitors. Due to the general and diverse types of visitors,
and the fact that our Visiting Room is not a public facility, certain restrictions must be placed on
visitors’ clothing. The following restrictions will be used as a guideline for appropriate dress:

No see through or provocative garments or plunging necklines will be allowed. Hems of
dresses and shorts will be no more than five inches above the knee.

No form fitting clothing will be allowed. Sweatshirts and pants are appropriate if they are not
form fitting.

No hats of any type will be allowed inside the Visiting Room. During inclement weather small
children will be allowed to wear headgear after it is thoroughly searched.

No halter tops or strapless clothing will be allowed.

Footwear is required. Shower shoes are not considered appropriate footwear.

Any questionable clothing will be approved by the Institution Duty Officer or Operations
Lieutenant before it will be allowed into the Visiting Room.

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