FMC Devens Religious Programs

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The Chapel

The Chapel comprises facilities for worship services, prayer and religious study areas, and a religious library. The Religious Services Department is located in offices in the Chapel. Religious programming includes worship, prayer and study of various religious expressions, as well as counseling and spiritual guidance. Schedules of religious services are available in the Chapel.

Attendance at religious activities is open to all. Periodically, the department arranges for community volunteers of various religious faiths. The Chaplain will assist inmates in having religious books, publications, or other materials sent to them; however, inmates must comply fully with institution rules regarding receiving and storing of personal property.

Religious Diet Program

A Religious Diet Program is offered through the Religious Services Department in conjunction with the Food Service Department. A religious diet is a meal designed to be the most equitable for all religious groups. An inmate may request to participate in the Religious Diet Program by submitting an application to the Chaplain. Special religious meals for holiday observances and any special worship activities are coordinated through Religious Services. Additional information regarding these programs is available in the Religious Services Department.

Prisoner Visitation & Support Services (PVS)

The Prisoner Visitation & Support Services (PVS) is a community based program which sends volunteers into the institution to visit inmates who would not ordinarily receive visits. All visits take place in the Visiting Room during regular visiting hours. PVS volunteers do not have to be on the visiting list of inmates they wish to visit. Any inmate interested in receiving a PVS volunteer visit should contact the Religious Services Department.

Religious Counseling: Counseling services are available regularly to promote inmate spiritual growth and to discuss a wide range of special religious needs. A Chaplain may be called in times of crisis, such as the death or illness of an inmate’s family member.


Inmates wishing to get married while incarcerated must first discuss their wish to get married with members of his assigned Unit Team and/or the Chaplain. All expenses of the marriage will be paid by the inmate. U.S. Government funds may not be used for marriage expenses.

Marriage procedures at this facility are outlined in the Institution Supplement regarding “Marriage of Inmates.”

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