FMC Lexington Educational Programs

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The General Education Development Program (GED) is an opportunity for those individuals who have not completed their high school education to do so. FMC Lexington is an official GED testing center.

Congress has mandated the Bureau of Prisons to implement the provisions of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (VCCLEA) and the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA).

The Laws mandate participation in the literacy program until attainment of 240 hours of satisfactory classroom attendance or a GED credential. Failure to participate fully in the program will effect Good Conduct Time (GCT). Those in need of a GED will be tested on the Adult Basic Learning Exam (ABLE) and then placed on the waiting list until an opening is available in an individual GED class. Through the use of classroom instruction, you will have the opportunity to prepare for the GED exam. An inmate without a
GED or verified high school diploma is not promotable above pay grade 4.

The English as a Second Language (ESL) is designed to teach non-English speaking inmates communication skills that will enable them to function in an English environment. The ESL program is mandatory for all non-English speaking inmates who will be remaining in the United States. Those mandated or in need of communication skills will be identified during A&O. They will be tested and, if necessary, placed in an appropriate class. To complete the ESL program, one must successfully pass the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Survey (CASAS).

Apprenticeship programs are offered through the Education Department and the United States Department of Labor. The department coordinator may be contacted for further details regarding enrollment and completion criteria. Programs offered by apprenticeship are listed in the Education Handbook.

The Career Resource Center offers counseling and referral sources to assist in the development of realistic educational and employment objectives prior to release. The center is your source for financial aid applications, educational counseling, college, and adult continuing educational correspondence information. A guidance counselor is available to assist in career exploration, career assessment and the development of long and short range career goals.

The Parenting program provides classes in fundamental parenting skills. The program is designed to assist incarcerated inmates in maintaining positive relationships with their children.

The Education Department maintains a Leisure and Law Library. The Leisure Library has numerous books available for circulation and reference. The Law Library provides: law books, policy statements, institution supplements and other materials. Legal materials cannot be checked out and must be used in the Law Library only. Services for the blind are offered in conjunction with the State of Kentucky for the Blind and Lexington Blind Rehabilitation Center.

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