FMC Lexington Employment

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Job Assignments

The Counselors are responsible for assigning inmate jobs in the institution. Upon medical clearance, inmates are ordinarily assigned to Food Service for a period of at least 90 days before being permitted to request a job change.

For those inmates who are not cleared for Food Service, an assignment will be made in the Mechanical Services Department unless medical restrictions prevent such placement.

Work supervisors will be required to document unacceptable work performance over a period of at least two months before requesting an inmate be given a job change. During this two-month period, the work supervisor will be responsible for detailing the inmate to a less demanding job on the current job assignment with close supervision in an attempt to bring up the job performance level. The exception to the two-month period will be if the inmate’s actions warrant an incident report, the inmate could be given a job change.

If an inmate is a new commitment case or medical transfer from another institution, he or she should not be assigned job responsibilities on their housing unit, with the exception of maintaining their living area, until their medical status has been determined. If an inmate is transferred to this institution as a non-medical case, he or she may be required to complete cleaning tasks on the unit upon review of their case. However, the inmate will not receive compensation for those tasks.

As part of the vocational training contract that an inmate signs, there will be a stipulation of a year’s appointment in a related job assignment which will utilize the job skills learned in the VT program. This will give the inmate additional practice at the skill and provide a benefit to the institution for having provided the training. Inmates will then be assigned from A&O to a job assignment.


Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR) at FMC Lexington averages employing 350 inmates in one factory, support operations, customer service center, and centralized accounts receivable. To work in UNICOR, you must submit an application and get on the waiting list.

Inmates need not be skilled or educated to work in UNICOR. The desire to be self-supporting and learn a skill or trade are primary reasons for working in UNICOR.

Any questions concerning applications, waiting list, or employment in UNICOR should be addressed to the UNICOR Business Manager.

We have an Electronic Cable Factory which employs approximately 160 workers. The Department of Defense is the primary or main customer for this factory. Products include radio frequency cables, junction boxes for communications, wiring harnesses and telephone cabling.

We have a Quality Control Department employing an average of 30 workers, which inspects the factory and the UNICOR warehouse.

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