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The policy statements for the Recreation Department are Program Statement 5370.11 and Institutional Supplement LEX-5370.11.

The hours of operation are 6:30 AM to 8:15 PM. These times are effective with the exceptions of count times and daylight visibility.

Recreation officers structured fitness classes, such as Circuit Training, Step Aerobics, Yoga, Jump Rope, and Spinning. You may work out by utilizing the available equipment, exercise books, track, Health education classes and Health Resource area located in Recreation. The Recreation Department also offers Intramural Sports Leagues. Outdoor leagues include Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, Softball, Volleyball and Bocce Ball. Indoor Leagues include Basketball, Volleyball and Billiards. The primary purpose of our Intramural Sports Program is to provide an organized, safe and enjoyable form of recreation for all interested inmates. Emphasis is placed on creating a positive, non-threatening, atmosphere in which players, coaches, officials and spectators can relax and enjoy the social interaction of athletic competition. As such,, there is no tolerance for unsportsmanlike conduct, in many cases, constitutes a violation of Bureau policy and may result in disciplinary action above those stated by the intramural rules and regulations.

The Recreation Department offers a Hobby Craft Program which includes a Unit Art Program, Ceramics, Painting, Crochet, Leather Works, and T-Shirt Design. Hobby Craft items will be purchased using a Special Purchase Order through an approved vendor.

Movies on DVD are rented weekly, in accordance with Program Statement 5370-11 and the institution’s purchased licensing agreement, and shown in the units to the general population.

Dress appropriate for your activity. Shirts will be worn at all times, and no food items will be allowed in the Recreation Department.

No plastic bags will be worn while exercising. This is an unsafe act and will not be allowed. Protective eyewear, dust mask, and ceramic kiln gloves are available in the Hobby Craft check-out room. Hair cutting is only allowed in the Barber Shop of the Recreation Department.

Recreation Staff have an open door policy. In addition, you may speak with supervisory staff during mainline.

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