FMC Lexington Religious Programs

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The Religious Services Department has a lot to offer. The Chaplains are available to assist you with your religious needs; religious programs allow you to grow in a positive and meaningful direction; and the Chapel is a place for you to pursue your spiritual life.

The Religious Services Department is located in the basement. It is staffed with three chaplains, a secretary, and a volunteer coordinator. The normal office hours of operation and the schedule of religious events are posted throughout the institution.

Pastoral counseling and consultation is available according to need. The Religious Library with literature, videos and audio tapes is located in the office area.

Emergency phone calls from family members to inmates are forwarded to the Chaplain’s Office by calling the institution’s main phone (859)255-6812. A Chaplain will notify you once the information has been verified. Emergency phone calls from inmates to family members are available on a limited basis at the Chaplain’s discretion.

Religious preferences of inmates are noted in SENTRY during initial screening. Changes are made only by request on a cop-out and after consultation with a Chaplain. Religious preferences determine eligibility for Work Proscription days (Holy Days), ceremonial meals, fasts, and wearing of religious items.

Religious preference labels for quick identification are available.

Pastoral visits are arranged through the Religious Services Department. The process is two-fold: 1) inmates must submit requests for pastoral visits via Cop-out, and 2) individuals providing the pastoral visit must submit a written request on letterhead stationery.

PVS, a national program, provides personal non-religious visits for inmates who don=t receive regular visits. Visitation takes place in the Visiting Room during normal visiting hours. PVS may be requested on a Cop-out to the Volunteer Coordinator.

Religious Services Department Volunteers provide various religious services. Religious volunteer programs and activities are coordinated, scheduled, and supervised by the Chaplains.

Religious items may be purchased either through the Commissary or a religious vendor. Items such as Pray Oils, Muslim Kufis, Rastafarian Crowns, and Native American Bandannas are sold in the Commissary or through a Special Purchase Order.

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