FMC Lexington Substance Abuse Programs

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There are currently five different drug programs at this facility. All five are directed by the Drug Abuse Program Coordinator (DAPC).

I. Drug Education Class
II. Nine-Month Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP)
III. Follow-Up Services Aftercare Program
IV. Non-Residential Drug Treatment Program
V. Self-Help Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Applying for the RDAP

If you are interested in participating in the RDAP, please send an “Inmate Request to Staff” to the DAPC.

Even if your judge recommended for you to participate in RDAP, you still need to send a request to the DAPC indicating your desire to participate. RDAP is a voluntary program and no one is required to participate.

The RDAP Waiting List and Being Selected for the Program

If you qualify for the RDAP and sign the appropriate paperwork, your name will be placed on the waiting list for the RDAP. If you qualify for FMC Lexington’s DD Program, you may be placed on an alternative waiting list for the sixteen beds reserved for that program. Nonetheless, you will be selected for the RDAP based upon your Projected Release Date. There is much fluctuation with names and place on the waiting list due to the high volume of individuals entering and leaving this institution.

If you are waiting to enter the RDAP and live on Veritas Unit, you must adhere to the same unit rules as those individuals participating in the RDAP. If you do not follow the rules of the RDAP unit and you are negatively impacting others on the unit, you will receive a warning of removal from the RDAP waiting list.

This warning will be made during a treatment team meeting with all staff involved in the process. If your behavior does not change, you will be removed from the RDAP waiting list. After six months, you may formally reapply for RDAP, through an “Inmate Request to Staff” form. The treatment team will meet with you and will make the decision regarding your placement back on the waiting list.

If you decline or are expelled from the RDAP, you must wait three months before you can re-apply for the RDAP.

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