FMC Rochester Personal Property

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Books (5)
Fan (1) Battery/Windup/Electric (Disclaimer: Electric fans may not be considered as acceptable property when an inmate is transferred to another facility. Therefore, the fan will be mailed at the inmate’s expense.)
Gloves (2 pair)
Magazines (3)
Newspapers (3)
Reading Lamp (1)
Plastic Storage Container (1)
Plastic Container (Storage) (1)
Plastic Bowl 1.7 L (1)


Battery Operated Beard Trimmer (1)
Brushless Shave (1)
Conditioner/Hair (1)
Attachment F, Page 5
Hair Oil/Grease (1)
Laundry Detergent (1)
Mouthwash (1)
Body Powder (1)
Shampoo (1)
Shaving Cream/Lotion (1)
Shoe Polish/Wax (1)
Skin Lotion (1)


Soups (12)
Assorted canned drinks (36 cans)
Vegetables (onions or green peppers) (10)
Chips (4 bags)
All consumable items must fit into a 14 x 14 x 19 inch space inside the locker (equivalent to the standard authorized shipping box) or will be considered excess food items. Inmates are allowed to spend the authorized monthly validation determined by commissary policy.


*Painting (1 canvas)
*Paints/Brushes (acrylic or watercolor paint only) Unlimited, but must be stored in one quart sized container.
Leather craft and ceramics must be worked on in recreation hobbycraft area. Lockers will be assigned by recreation staff for supplies associated with these projects.
*Denotes that hobby craft items that can be worked on in the assigned housing units. All items must be stored within the locker and removed from the living area when complete within 30 working days. Hobby craft items must be disposed of in accordance with Program Statement Inmate Recreation Programs, Part 544, Sub Part D.

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