FMC Rochester Visitation

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Dress code

Visitors are not allowed to wear suggestive, provocative or otherwise revealing clothing when visiting an inmate. Inappropriate slogans and/or depictions on clothing are prohibited. The following restrictions on clothing will be strictly enforced:

Tops should cover the upper body, including stomach, chest/breasts and back. Sun dresses, sleeveless shirts/blouses, sheer or low-cut blouses, halter tops or spaghetti strapped shirts will not be permitted to be worn during visiting. Male visitors will use the same discretion in attire regarding sleeveless shirts. No see-through material will be permitted.

Female visitors will not be permitted to wear cut off shorts, skorts, or kulats. Shorts, skirts, or dresses must not be shorter than three (3) inches above the center of the knee for persons 16 years of age or older. Spandex, leotards, form fitting clothing or pants with holes are not permitted during visiting.

Male visitors will use the same discretion in attire regarding shorts.

Hats, caps, bandanas or any other type of head gear is not permitted on any adult visitor. The exception is religious headwear identified as the following: kufis, yarmulkes, turbans, crowns and headbands, as well as scarves and head wraps for orthodox Muslim and Jewish women.

Visitors will not remove their religious headwear and it will not be searched other than through a metal detector. If there is reasonable suspicion contraband is present, then the policy governing searches of non-inmates will be enacted and adhered too.

Shoes, for safety reason, must be worn at all times by all visitors. Flip-flops and shower shoes are prohibited from entering the institution. Other footwear that does not have a strap around the back of the ankle is prohibited. Open toed shoes that have a strap around the back of the ankle may be worn.

It is necessary for all visitors to wear undergarments and shoes. Clothing items not appropriate for a correctional setting will not be allowed in the visiting room.


Social visits are permitted from 8:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
Visits will not start after 2:00 p.m. unless the inmate is already present in the visiting room. Visitors will normally not be permitted entrance between 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. on weekends and holidays until after the official institution count has cleared. Each inmate will be allowed 16 visiting points per month. Visiting during the week (i.e. Monday and Friday) will count as one visiting point. Visiting on the weekend days and all federal holidays will count as two visiting points. Each inmate is responsible for obtaining unit team approval for prospective visitors.


To assist visitors in locating the institution and public transportation numbers for transit, information will be posted in the visiting area and will be published in the visiting regulations, which will be sent to prospective visitors by the inmate.

FMC Rochester is located at 2110 East Center St., Rochester, Minnesota 55903. Our telephone number is (507) 287-0674. Our inmate mailing address is PMB 4000, Rochester, Minnesota 55903-4000. All correspondence and money orders sent to inmates must include the inmates committed name and register number. All funds being sent to inmates must be sent to the National LockBox location at: Federal Bureau of Prisons, (Insert Inmate Name and Register Number) Post Office Box 474701, Des Moines, IA 50947-0001.

Only postal money orders, U.S. Treasury checks, state, and local government checks; business checks; any foreign negotiable instruments payable in U/S currency will be accepted. All non-postal money orders and non-government checks will be held for a 15 day hold. No cash will be accepted. The person sending the funds must have the inmate’s committed name (no nicknames) and register number printed on all checks. Also, the senders name and return address must appear in the upper left hand corner of the envelope.

Items personal in nature must be mailed directly to the institution.

The following information is provided to assist visitors of inmates at FMC Rochester. Rochester, Minnesota, is located approximately 85 miles south of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) on Minnesota Highway 52. Directions to the Federal Medical Center, Rochester, Minnesota are as follows: The Federal Medical Center is located approximately two miles east of downtown Rochester. Taking 4th Street SE, you will pass Olmsted Community Hospital. The Federal Medical Center is located slightly to your left. Turn left on Center Street and right into the parking lot. You may park in the lot identified as Visitor Parking.

Handicap parking is available in the lot nearest the institution=s front entrance. Persons waiting for visitors will not be allowed to remain in the parking lot while visiting is in progress.

The Rochester area is serviced by the following commercial transportation services:

Airlines: Northwest Airlines 800/225-2525

American Airlines 800/433-7300

Taxi: Airport Express/Yellow Cab 507/282-2222

Bus: Jefferson Bus Lines 507/289-4037

Greyhound Bus Lines 507/289-4037

Rochester Direct 507/280-9270

RTS Limousine Service Inc. 507/529-4222
(Provides Bus Service to/from the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport)

Rochester City Lines 507/288-4353

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