FPC Alderson Medical Care

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The Health Services Unit (HSU) is located on the upper compound beside Ridge Unit.


Health care at this institution is provided in the same manner as a medical office in the community setting. Under the PCPT model, each inmate is assigned to a medical provider and associated support staff according to the inmate register number. Routine medical care and non-emergency triage (sick call) is conducted on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, excluding Holidays. Triage will be conducted from 6:45 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. You will be provided with the appropriate form in Health Services. The form must be filled out in black ink. Appointments will be scheduled according to the severity of the complaint and established Health Services clinical guidelines.

If routine triage hours are disrupted due to an unforeseen event, medical complaints will be addressed via telephone. Inmates will need to address their complaints to Unit Staff. Unit Staff will notify Health Services for determination of care.

All emergencies will be evaluated. If your complaint is not categorized as an emergency, you will be instructed to return for routine care through the triage request system.

If you should become injured or ill while on the job, you should notify your Detail Supervisor. Action will then be taken to have you evaluated. If you should become injured or ill after clinic hours, you should notify your Unit Officer. Again, action will be taken to have you evaluated. If you are evaluated and identified as needing specialty care which falls within the Bureau of Prisons policy of providing medically mandatory or medically necessary care, you will be scheduled accordingly.


If you should be scheduled for an appointment or call out in the Health Services Unit, it will be your responsibility to be there on time and must have a Commissary Card for identification purpose.

All call outs (scheduled appointments through the SENTRY computer system) are posted in the Units and should be checked on a daily basis. A missed call out or appointment may be reason for disciplinary action. You must have an appointment or call out to report to the Health Services Unit, otherwise you will be considered out of bounds. If you arrive late for an appointment it will be at the Provider

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