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As you finish your orientation period, staff will assign you to a permanent work detail and applicable programs. Work Call is at 7:45 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, (excluding holidays) unless instructed otherwise by your work supervisor. Factors considered in determining a specific work assignment are: your physical condition, educational level, previous work experience, general aptitude, ability to benefit from training, and applicable prerelease plans. Ordinarily all inmates who first arrive are expected to work at least 90 days in Food Service prior to reassignment to another work detail. If you are interested in changing your job assignment after 90 days, you are required to submit an inmate request to staff member to your Counselor with your current work supervisor’s signature concurring reassignment, and the signature from your proposed work supervisor allowing you to be assigned to his/her detail. If you are approved for a job change, it will be reflected on the Callout/Change Sheets posted in each housing unit, on weekday afternoons.


Each inmate is paid monthly for hours of satisfactory work performed based on the grade level for the particular job as established by the work supervisor. The pay period runs from the 1st through the last day of the month. Performance pay is posted to an inmate’s Trust Fund account within 10 calendar days after the close of the pay period. You may be awarded performance pay, generally at the rate of $ .12 to $ .40 per hour, depending on the designated grade level. Pay grade levels range from 1 to 4, with 1 being the highest. Inmates having a financial obligation (i.e., committed fines, court assessments, child support, etc.) and who refuse to participate in the Inmate Financial Responsibility Program shall receive maintenance pay of $5.25 per month.
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