FPC Bryan Library and Publication Rules

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The Self Help Library is in the Multipurpose building next to Psychology Services. The library is open Monday – Friday 7:30 A.M. until 3:00 P.M. The library contains self-help and resource books plus workbooks. You may check out the books. The library has a variety of videos for you to watch while in the department. The topics range from, but are not limited to: Anger Management, Chemical Dependency, Co-dependency, Cognitive Deficits (Thinking Errors), Education & Vocational Deficits, Family Issues, Feelings, Grief & Loss, Health & Wellness, Job Skills, Parenting, Relationships, Self-Esteem & Self-Awareness, Psychiatric Disorders, Sleep Disturbance, Social Discomfort (Anxiety), and Trauma (abuse).

Law and Leisure Libraries

The Education Department maintains both a Law and a Leisure Library in the Education Building. Electronic Law Library access requires all inmates to register and receive a PAC #, login and Password through the Inmate Trust Fund.

Leisure Library

The Leisure Library contains a wide variety of reading material, which includes fiction and nonfiction books, bilingual books, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias and reference books. I.D.’ s are required to check out any books or use any reference material. No exceptions.

Law Library

The Law Library contains a collection of legal reference materials mandated by the Bureau of Prisons. The Law Library is open for inmates to prepare legal documents and to do legal research. Law Library materials may not be removed from the Law Library. Unauthorized possession of such materials is a prohibited act and may result in disciplinary action. Inmates in Temporary Holding may request legal materials by sending an Inmate Request to Staff Member to the Supervisor of Education.

Typewriters are located in the Law Library for the inmates to use in the preparation of legal briefs. These typewriters are not to be used for any other purpose. Violations of this rule will result in disciplinary action. If indigent, send an Inmate Response to Staff to the Supervisor of Education for access to a typewriter ribbon.

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