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The Religious Services Department operates a full program to fulfill spiritual and religious needs of all faith groups. An updated schedule with program times and the Chaplains’ schedules are available in the Chapel and on Chapel bulletins boards located in each unit. Special programs and activities will be announced through posted notices on bulletin boards.

If an emergency occurs (i.e. death of a family member, or a serious illness) the Chaplain will be notified and will ordinarily be the staff member who delivers the message to the inmate and offer pastoral care. If families need to make a notification concerning an illness or death of a family member they may call the institution at (979) 823-1879. Families will need to provide necessary information for verification of illness or death.

Inmate religious needs are served through a full-time Chaplain, contractors, and volunteers. The Chaplain
provides pastoral care to the entire inmate population. The Chaplain assists inmates with counseling and telephone calls during crisis situations. The Chaplain will not make personal calls that are not of an emergency nature. Inmates may see the Chaplain by appointment which can be made during Open House on the evenings the Chaplain is on duty.

The bandana and hijab are identified as authorized religious headgear and are to be worn as a head wrap or head cover. The appropriate manner of wearing the Native American Headband is: The bandana should be placed on the head in a circular presentation reflecting the significance of the circle of the wearer. The bandana is not to be used as a head cover.

For female inmates who have identified a Religious Sentry Preference of Islam, Jewish, Nation of Islam or Orthodox Christian the religious headgear, Islamic hijab is worn. This headgear is based on local tribal nuances, traditions and customs, and its use is simply to cover the head.

Based on the orderly running of the institution the hijab and the other religious headgear can be limited to being worn as a “wrap” and not a tight fitting skull cap.

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