FPC Duluth Mental Health of Prisoners

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Psychology Staff Members

Psychology Services at FPC Duluth consists of two psychologists (the Chief Psychologist and the Drug Abuse Program-Coordinator (DAP-C)) and five Drug Treatment Specialists (DTS).

Department Locations and how to contact Psychology Services

Psychology Services is located in the Chapel with an office in the back of the building. The RDAP/DAP is located in Dorm 209, where you will find the offices of the DAP-C and the DTS’s.

Psychology Services are available Monday thru Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We can be reached via Cop-Out, open-door policy, mainline, and though referral from staff. Individual appointments are scheduled by call-out, and inmates are required to check the call-out schedule daily for appointments. If there is an emergency, contact any staff at any time, and a Psychologist will be contacted.

Reasons to Contact Psychology

1. Inquire about DAP programming (e.g., participation or interview).
2. Inquire about class/group participation (NR or SHARE).
3. Inquire about clerk, aide, or suicide watch cadre position.
4. Mental health issues
A. Feeling depressed, anxious, suicidal etc.
B. If you are on psychiatric medication and having side-effect difficulties.
C. If you want to inquire about going off your psychiatric medication.
D. Need consultation into family issues (emergency only).
E. Brief counseling issues.
5. If you see another inmate who may appear not to be acting as themselves, behaving oddly, or in need of staff assistance, please let staff know, so they are able to receive proper help/care.


The staff in the Psychology Service/DAP will honor the confidential nature of therapeutic disclosures in treatment except when:

1. A clear risk of serious injury, disease or death exists to you or another person;
2. A clear risk to the security of the institution is reported;
3. A current or future criminal offense is disclosed;
4. Child or elder abuse is reported;
5. Staff receives supervision;
6. A threat exists to program personnel and/or premises;
7. A court with standing orders/requests disclosure. BOP policy and professional ethics dictate that in all such instances, other staff/authorities will be alerted. All information can be disclosed to federal law enforcement personnel on a need-to-know basis. Disclosures to other law enforcement personnel requires written request for information. All records are electronically stored in a BOP database for future reference.

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