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The Federal Prison Camp is a guest tenant of Maxwell Air Force Base. The camp exists to provide manpower for the general maintenance of the Air Force Base.

After completion of the A&O Program, you will be assigned to a permanent work detail, a training program, or a combination of both, based primarily on institution needs.

The Camp Liaison makes all detail assignments. Assignments are based primarily on institution needs. A minimum of 90 days must be maintained on all job assignments before a request for another job assignment is made to the Camp Liaison. Factors considered in making job assignments include physical condition, educational level, general intelligence, previous work experience, and general attitude. Some of the different types of work available are listed below:

Cooks, Bakers, Butchers, Salad Preps, Orderlies, Dishwashers, and Clerks (In Camp).
Education Clerks, Tutors, Librarians (In Camp).
Clothing Room, Commissary, Warehouse, Sanitation Workers (In Camp).
Maintenance, Landscape workers, Building Orderlies, Town Drivers (In Camp).
UNICOR Laundry Plant and Drivers (Maxwell AFB).
Grounds and General Landscaping on Maxwell AFB and Gunter Annex details.
Reports which evaluate your work performance will be prepared by your supervisor every 90 days, or every 30 days if work reports are below-average. These performance reports are also used to help determine your eligibility for participation in community activities (furloughs). Unsatisfactory work reports may result in restriction from community programs.


Each inmate who satisfactorily performs his work is eligible for pay based on the grade level for the particular job as established by his work supervisor and the Inmate Performance Pay Committee.

You may be awarded performance pay for hours of satisfactory work performed. Pay grade levels range from 1 to 4, with 1 being the highest. Inmates receiving performance pay will be paid monthly. The pay period runs from the 1st day of the month through the end of the month. Normally, performance pay is posted to your trust fund account on the first Friday of each month.


Federal Prison Industries, Inc. (FPI) is a wholly owned Government Corporation established in 1934 by an Act of Congress and an Executive Order. It has adopted the trade name “UNICOR.” UNICOR provides a wide variety of products and services to the United States Government. By legislation requirements, the corporation sells only to the federal government. The corporation is administered by a board of directors appointed by the President. The Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons serves as the ex-office Commissioner of Industries.

Functionally, UNICOR operates through eight different business groups, each headed by a General Manager. The groups are as follows: Recycling, Electronics, Fleet Management Vehicular, Office Furniture, Clothing Textiles, Graphics, Industrial Products, and the Services Business Group.

Locally, UNICOR operates under the Services Business Group, providing laundry services to various organizations located on Maxwell AFB. The majority of business at FPC Montgomery UNICOR involves processing linens, including towels, bath mats, wash cloths, sheets, and pillow cases, as well as items used at the Maxwell AFB Hospital/Medical Treatment Facility.

The UNICOR laundry functions under the corporate direction of the Services Business Group. Representing corporate management locally is the Factory Manager. The Factory Manager’s responsibilities include accountability for the entire operation. Inmate hiring, supervision and daily operations of the FPC Montgomery UNICOR Laundry are conducted by the Factory Manager.

The official mission and chief function of the Federal Prison Industries is to provide training and employment to inmates confined to federal institutions. All earnings of UNICOR are expended on vocational training and general education programs under which more than one-half of all inmates receive training. The employment of inmates in UNICOR allows them an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in a trade, vocation or occupation, which may provide a means of earning a livelihood upon release.

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