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Sick call is conducted Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 6:00 a.m. until 6:20 a.m. There is no sick call on Wednesday, weekends or Federal Holidays. It is the responsibility of the inmate desiring medical attention to report to the clinic during sick call. Screening and scheduling will be conducted in accordance with established guidelines. You may be given an appointment, asked to wait, or told to come back another day depending upon your medical need.

Dental sick call is conducted Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 6:00a.m. until 6:20a.m. This period of time is set aside for scheduled evaluations by the Chief Dental Officer (i.e., lost filling, abscess, toothache, etc.). Routine treatment should be requested by submitting a BP-S148, Inmate Request to Staff Member.

Medical emergencies will be evaluated anytime. Medical emergencies are medical conditions that are of an immediate, acute, or emergent nature, which without care would cause rapid deterioration of an inmate’s health , significant irreversible loss of function, or may be life threatening.
If you should develop a medical or dental emergency during working hours, you should inform your detail supervisor or another staff member who will contact the clinic for further instructions. Emergencies after regular clinic hours should be addressed to the nearest staff member or the Shift Lieutenant. The staff member will take appropriate action to have your situation evaluated. If you appear in the clinic without this notification by your supervisor with NO EMERGENCY problem, you will be out of bounds and subject to disciplinary action.

If you should become injured or ill while on the job, notify your detail supervisor. Action will be taken to have you evaluated by appropriate clinic personnel. Your detail supervisor should ordinarily notify clinic staff prior to your transport from your detail to the clinic.

An admission physical will be completed on all new commitments within 14 days of your arrival. A dental screening will be completed on all new commitments within 30 days of your arrival. Inmates who are transferred from other BOP institutions will not require a complete physical examination, providing one has been done at another BOP institution. We will, however, review your medical record and if needed, perform examinations to fully document your physical condition. A complete physical will be completed on all inmates who have been out of BOP custody for more than 30 days. Inmates under 50 years of age may request physicals following the Preventative Health Guidelines. Inmates 50 years or older may request physicals following the Preventative Health Guidelines.

An inmate who refuses any of the required medical screening may be not placed in general population until all requirements have been completed. Age appropriate medical screening will be performed during the course of routine care. Inmates being released from the system may obtain a physical examination prior to release if they have not had a physical examination in the past year.

If you desire a release physical, you should submit an Inmate Request to Staff Member, BP-S148, three to four months prior to your release. Your release date should be included in this request.

After your initial dental examination, all other services must be requested in writing. All other routine care (cleaning, fillings, partials, or dentures) will be scheduled from the treatment list. To get on the treatment list, send a BP-S148, Inmate Request to Staff Member. If you do not get a response back, stop by sick call and check to see if it was received. DO NOT BE LATE FOR DENTAL CALL-OUT!!! If while looking at the call-out sheet you realize you have two call-outs at the same time or close to the same time, realize that ordinarily your health is more important than any other call-out. Therefore, you should make arrangements with appropriate staff to reschedule the other call-out.

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