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The Recreation Department provides an extensive program of activities and services, such as wellness classes, a music room, pool tables and various fitness equipment. Consult the bulletin boards in the hobby craft area for details.

If you wish to participate in any independent recreational activity, or if you need to check out any of the equipment needed to participate, you should contact the Recreation staff at the Outpost.

Building 1235 is provided within the Camp to work on hobby craft items. All hobby craft work will be stored and worked on in this area and not in the dormitory except as specified. All completed work must be sent home at your expense within 14 days of completion.

FPC Montgomery Recreation Department shows a varied movie selection, at 5:00 PM and 7:00 p.m. nightly, in the auditorium.

The use of the weight area requires that you wear hard-toed shoes at all times. Failure to follow this safety rule will result in an incident report.


FPC Montgomery’s Inmates Providing Animal Care and Training (IMPACT) Program is a program which raises puppies to become Service Dogs for Canine Companions for Independence, a non-profit service organization. Therefore, there will be dogs on the compound and in the units. These dogs are not pets and should not be treated as such. The following guidelines are to be followed concerning the IMPACT dogs:

Do not give the dogs any food. Only the handlers are authorized to feed the dogs. At times these dogs will be entering the dining facility. Do not throw or give food to the dogs when they are under the tables at mainline.

Do not whistle at or try to distract the dogs when they are “working.” This is usually indicated by the presence of a jacket that the dog wears.

The dog handlers have undergone training on the Do’s and Don’ts of the Program. Please ask the handler’s permission before touching the dog. The handler will indicate whether or not the dog is working. This is also standard protocol when meeting a service dog in the community. There are times when you are allowed to play with the dogs.

Do not remove the dogs from their crates or cubes unless the handler knows you are taking the dog. Only current handlers are allowed in the Kennel Area. No exceptions!

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