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Mail is distributed Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) at 5:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. at the Officers’ Station in each dormitory. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO ATIEND MAIL CALL EVERY DAY. Outgoing general correspondence will be deposited in the blue mailbox located outside the mail room. All outgoing mail will be sealed and is subject to be opened prior to dispatch from the institution.

All outgoing special mail will be delivered to Inmate Systems during open house hours, or presented nights and weekends to the Control Room Officer for positive identification and marking. It may then be placed in the box marked “Special Mail”, located across from the Control Center. Outgoing mail will be picked up the following business day for dispatch to the U. S. Postal Service. General mail may not be placed in the box marked “Special Mail.” Conversely, special mail must be presented as special mail, and not deposited with general mail.

Incoming mail will be opened and searched for contraband and unauthorized material. Unauthorized material (e.g., body hair, plant shavings, small artifacts, sexually explicit personal photographs, musical cards, cassette tapes, stamps, stationery, lottery tickets, plastic cards, collector/trading cards, etc.) will be returned to the sender.

The institution mail room at FPC Pensacola does not accept funds received from outside the institution. All funds being sent to inmates must be sent to the National Lockbox location at the following address:

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Insert Inmate Name Insert Inmate Register Number
Post Office Box 474701 Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001

An inmate may not receive stamps or stamped items through the mail (I.e., envelopes embossed with stamps or postal cards with postage affixed).

Inmates are prohibited from receiving computer media, and computer hacker related books or publications.

Mail Room staff shall return to the sender or publisher all publications found to be nondistributable under the “Ensign Amendment”. Inmates shall be notified via use of “Notification to Inmate of Return of Publication or Materials;” however, statutory restrictions on making the material available preclude any inmate review of the material. All newspapers must be received directly from the publisher. A newspaper is a publication that is printed on newspaper (pulp-like paper stock) and/or sectioned and folded.

Hard-covered books must also be received directly from the publisher, a book club, or a bookstore. Soft-cover materials (paperback books and magazines) may be received from any source. Subscription to magazines may be made by submitting a Form 24 to your Counselor.

Inmate-to-inmate correspondence is prohibited unless approved in advance by the Unit Managers of each respective federal institution, or Warden to Warden approval for state and local facilities.

All incoming packages must have an authorization form on file in themailroom.prior to the arrival of a package. The authorizations will be taken to the mail handling facility and compared to the packages received. Authorizations may be obtained from your unit team, the Education Department, the Chaplain, or the Medical Department. A copy of the signed authorization must be enclosed inside the package. Only the items authorized may be enclosed in the package. Any items found that are not authorized will result in the entire package being returned to the sender. Should no authorization be on file, the package will be rejected at the mail handling facility and returned, unopened, to the sender. The package will be distributed by the department issuing the authorization.

Packages authorized by the unit team for release clothing will be distributed through R&D during the inmate’s last day when he is on his “unit run”.

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