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Upon completion of the orientation period, the Case Management Coordinator will assign each inmate to a permanent work detail. Inmates will be assigned to a job primarily based on institution needs. Among factors considered in determining a specific work assignment are physical condition, education level, previous work experience, general aptitude, ability to benefit from training, and plans for the future.

Reports evaluating work performance will be prepared by the inmate’s supervisor quarterly for consideration of performance pay and participation in community activities. Unsatisfactory work reports may result in restriction from community programs. Some of the Jobs available are:

Food Service: Cooks, bakers, vegetable/salad prepaorderlies, and dishwasher operators. rers and servers,
Mechanical Services: Electricians, roofers, plumbers, cement mechanics, welders, painters, carpenters, laborers, and clerks. finishers, motor repairmen, masons,
Business Office: Clerks, warehousemen, and orderlies.
Health Services: Orderlies, clerks and town driver.
Education/Recreation: Librarians, clerks, teacher aides, recreation orderlieslclerks, and
Laundry Services: Clerks, clothing dispensers, tailor, and laundry workers.
Sanitation: Sanitation workers.
Camp Maintenance: Landscape workers, building orderlies and captain detail.

Base Details: Grounds maintenance, MWR. Our mission is to supply a grounds keeping force to the Navy, so our main priority is to keep the base work details filled, first and foremost.


Each inmate is eligible for pay for satisfactory work performed, based on the grade level for the particular job as established by his work supervisor. Details may be awarded Performance Pay, generally at the rate of 12¢ to 40¢ per hour of satisfactory work performed, depending on the designed grade level, andlor supervisor’s recommendation. Any pay problems should be discussed with the Unit Counselor.

Inmate performance pay funds are posted to inmate trust fund accounts after the payroll is approved by the Warden. Usually, these postings are accomplished not later then the fifth (5th) working day of each month.

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