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Personal property will be limited to those items that can be stored neatly and safely in the designated space. All toilet articles and issued medication will be stored in lockers. One pair of shower slippers and two pair of athletic shoes are authorized personal footwear. Materials for any active legal action will be allowed, but must be maintained in the locker. Your unit team must be consulted about possessing excessive legal materials. No boxes of materials are allowed anywhere outside the lockers.

Value of accumulated commissary items may not exceed the monthly spending limitation. Food items will be properly sealed and stored in lockers. Inmates may only retain in their possession the amount of magazines, newspapers, letters, and books currently allowable in policy.

Surplus correspondence and reading materials must either be destroyed or mailed from the institution at the inmate’s expense. Materials pertaining to current educational classes are permitted; however, they must be kept in a neat and orderly manner, and must be removed fromthelivingquartersuponcompletion ofthecourse. Nophotographs,calendars, orother items will be taped or hung on lockers or cubicle walls. No nude or suggestive photos are allowed.

Personal property items may not exceed a declared value of $100.00 per item.

Only one radio and one watch may be possessed, with a Form BP-383 (form 40; property inventory) and/or a commissary receipt as proof of ownership. The radio may not contain tape recording devices and must be equipped with an earphone adapter. The radio must have the inmate’s register number engraved on the case.

Other permitted items are:
3 books of postage stamps (60 1st class stamps)
1 religious medallion and chain with no stones, non-metallic
1 wrist watch
2 pair athletic shoes, black and/or white
1 pair shower shoes
1 set of dentures and cleaner
2 pair prescription eye glasses with cases
1 pair of slippers
1 plain wedding ring (no raised metal or stones)
1 pair sunglasses
2 jogging/sweat suits (gray only, no logos or hoods)
2 pair shorts (white or gray only, no logos)
5 Pairs of Socks
5 T-Shirts
7 pairs underwear

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