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All inmates are expected to maintain a regular job assignment. Most job assignments are controlled through a Performance Pay System, which provides monetary payment for work. Unit staff approve job changes and ensure the changes are posted on the daily change sheet. Inmates are restricted up to 18 months on any one job assignment. Exceptions to the 18-month rule will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The standard work week is Monday through Friday, however, inmates can be assigned varied shifts, particularly in Food Service, Recreation, and as unit orderlies. Once assigned to a job detail, you will be advised by your supervisor of established work hours, lunch, and break times.

The following list of departments employ inmates in a variety of positions, pay grades, and levels of responsibility:

Business Office, including clothing issue, commissary, and warehouse
Education, including recreation and barber shop
Food Service and Safety
Health Service
Community Service
Inmate Systems

Housing units and all buildings as sanitation orderlies

Inmates requesting to be considered for a position in a specific department are to submit their request to the proposed work supervisor. All attempts will be made to accommodate these requests, however, institution need will be the deciding factor in assigning inmates to a job detail.


Inmate Performance Pay will vary dependent upon personal performance and grade assignment. Presently, pay grades are as follows:

Grade 1-.40/HR Grade 2-.29/HR Grade 3 – .17/HR Grade 4 – .12/HR
Maintenance Pay — Varied (May be up to but not to exceed $5.25/month).

If an inmate is on FRP “refuse” status, he will receive maintenance pay for the entire month, unless he delivers a receipt to his unit team prior to the 20th of the month, he will then receive full pay for the entire month.

Inmates being found guilty of a 100 or 200 level prohibited act and refusing to participate in the GED program, if instructed, will also be restricted to Grade 4 pay.

Performance pay is ordinarily posted to an inmate’s trust fund account within ten working days of the closing of the pay period.

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