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Medical care is a right, not a privilege; thus, access to medical care cannot by withheld from you as a result of disciplinary action. However, if you do not report for an appointment, or are late and your absence is not justified, your appointment will be canceled and you may be subject to an incident report, depending on the specifics of the situation.

It is the objective of the Health Services staff at FPC Yankton to provide appropriate and necessary medical, dental and mental health services to inmates by a professional staff, within available resources. We are an outpatient clinic setting, with in-patient services provided by the community hospitals. Most medical specialties are available through community sources.

Please make use of the A&O manual and refer to it when you have questions regarding access to medical care.


While in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, you have the right to receive health care in a manner that recognizes your basic rights, and you also accept the responsibility to respect the basic human rights of your health care providers. These rights and responsibilities are listed in your A&O Handbook and are posted in the Health Services Unit.


* You will be assigned to a specific primary health care provider. This assigned primary care provider (PCP) will be responsible for all aspects of your health care necessary to maintain your good health. Your PCP will handle your sick call requests, monitor any chronic health problems you have, schedule physical evaluations when necessary, order and report any appropriate diagnostic studies, and refer you to the contract physician or other specialty consultants, when indicated.

* Your PCP assignment is determined by your registration number; specifically the 4th and 5th digit of the 8 digit number.Listings of the inmate groups assigned to specific health care providers are posted in the units and in Health Services.


Effective October 3, 2005, the Federal Prisoner Health Care Copayment Act (FPHCCA) of 2000, Public Law 106-294 was implemented. This law requires an inmate co-payment of $2.00 for specific types of patient evaluations and treatments. In addition to receiving notification, both written and verbal, during the A&O process, more information regarding the specifics of this program are posted in the housing units and in the Health Services department.

Generally, you will be charged a fee of $2.00 per health care visit if you receive health care services by your request, or are found responsible through the Disciplinary Hearing Process to have injured an inmate, who, as a result of the injury, requires a health care visit.

This law does not apply in certain situations, which are listed on the handouts you receive during the Health Services A&O presentation.

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