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The Pastoral Care Department offers a wide range of religious activities, services, and programs to inmates. Contract and volunteer representatives of various faith groups assist in providing a wide range of religious services. Holiday observances and other worship activities are coordinated through the Chaplain’s office. Information and questions regarding the obtaining and wearing of religious articles may be addressed to the Chaplain.

Chaplaincy Staff

1. Doug Upton, Chaplain – He is available to assist with spiritual needs of all inmates regardless of
the inmate’s religious preference.
2. The Chaplain’s schedule is located on the bulletin boards in Spanish and English.
3. Most requests need to be put on a “Inmate Request To Staff” form.

Community Resources

1. To help provide sacramental needs of various faith groups
2. To provide diversity
3. We have a number of community resources who participate in religious programs.
a. Imam
b. Rabbi
c. Priest
d. Native
e. Protestant Groups
f. Seventh Day Adventist


1. The religious activities schedule is updated quarterly and is posted on bulletin boards in
both English and Spanish.
2. Time and space is provided in the Chapel and the Outside Religious Area for all approved
religious groups at this institution.
3. Special program times for holy days of religious obligation are available.
4. Notification by an operational memorandum will be posted on Chapel bulletin boards.
5. Generally, all programs are open to all inmates. Inmates are not restricted from attending
programs of faith groups other than their own as long as they are respectful of the groups
teaching and practices.
6. Attendance at a small number of programs may be restricted. Some programs require the
inmate’s religious preference listed in Sentry to be the same as the special program’s religious
7. There is to be no food or drink in the Chapel.
8. There is to be no profanity in the Chapel.

Religious Personal Property

A. Inmate’s may obtain some religious items by purchasing them from an approved
vendor through the special purchase process.
A. The Chaplain will assist in the special purchase order process.

Other Services

A. Emergency messages – Emergency messages are called into the main switch board. The message is
and then given to the inmate.
B. Spiritual guidance and counsel is available.
C. A Chapel Library is available downstairs in the Chapel.
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