FPC Yankton Visitation

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Authorized visiting days are Friday, 4:30 P.M. to 9:15 P.M., Saturday, Sunday, and Federal
Holidays, 8:15 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. Federal Holidays include New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King’s
Birthday, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day,
Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.


Federal Prison Camp, Yankton, South Dakota, is located approximately 60 miles northwest of
Sioux City, Iowa and 85 miles southwest of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

*The address to the Yankton Federal Prison Camp is 1100 Douglas Avenue, Yankton, SD 57078.

The telephone number is 605-665-3262.

From Sioux Falls, take I-29 South to State Road 46 West. Take State Road 46 West to State
Road 81 South into Yankton.

From Sioux City, take I-29 North to State Road 50 into Yankton.


Taxicabs: Dean’s Cab 605-665-4551

River City Cab 605-665-2777

Dress code

Visiting is an extremely important family function and dress code requirements are
necessary to maintain the dignity of those involved. Appropriate dress is required and
must be in good taste. Excessively provocative, immodest or revealing attire is reason to
deny visiting. Visitors over the age of 12 years old will not be allowed into the institution
in skirts, shorts, or dresses exceeding above the top of the kneecap in length. See-through
clothing, halter tops, tube tops, sleeveless shirts, tank tops, and any kind of top that
reveals the midriff area of the anatomy, radically low-cut shirts or blouses, revealing
(front) and backless clothing are prohibited. No skin-tight clothing or spandex clothing
is allowed. All visitors are required to wear footwear that covers the entire foot. Sandals,
flip-flops, and open-toed footwear is prohibited. All visitors are also required to wear
undergarments (including bras for females). Inmates are responsible for advising their
visitors of the dress requirements for visitation. Visits may be denied for non-compliance
by the Visiting Room Officer, following his/her consultation with the Operations
Lieutenant and/or Institution Duty Officer. The Operations Lieutenant and Duty Officer
will decide if the infractions warrant termination of the visit.

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