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Mail room open house hours are 11:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M., Tuesday through Thursday, call-out basis only.

Mail is processed Monday through Friday, except legal holidays. All mail must include your committed name, register number, and quarters. Do not use aliases. Inmates are not allowed certain types of mail privileges, i.e., overnight delivery services, express mail, etc. Questions concerning certified mail and insured mail should be directed to Mail Room staff. Authorized mail includes letters, magazines and paperback books. Newspapers and hardcover books must come directly from the publisher.

Incoming general correspondence mail will be opened and inspected for funds, contraband, etc. Generally, general correspondence is passed out by the evening watch unit officer. Upon commitment you will be asked to sign a Form 407/408 for this purpose. If you choose not to sign a Form 407/408, your incoming mail will be returned to the Post Office.

If you transferred from another federal institution, your property is usually mailed from the previous institution. When it arrives at the FTC, you will be placed on a call-out to receive the property authorized for retention. Different institutions allow different personal property. If your property is not allowed here, it will be mailed out at your expense.

Unauthorized mail includes, correspondence with other inmates without proper written approval, musical greeting cards, Polaroid photos, nude personal photos, plant material, non inspectible items, etc. All unauthorized mail will be returned to the sender along with a rejection form explaining why the mail was rejected. Inmates need written authorization before they may mail or receive packages. The authorization to receive a package must be approved by the Unit Team. Package permits will generally be limited to release clothing. Only those items that were approved may be included in the package.

There is general correspondence and special mail boxes located in the unit. All general correspondence will be placed in the mail boxes, unsealed. All legal/special correspondence may be sealed prior to depositing in the mail box.

Outgoing mail will be picked up during the morning watch. The Mail Room staff will process all outgoing mail Monday through Friday, excluding federal holiday’s

If you are released on a writ, you will be asked to sign a Form 98 allowing institution staff to hold your mail for 30 days or return your mail to the Postal Service.


All special mail received at this institution will be delivered to you by staff; however, staff will open the mail and conduct a contraband search in your presence. Special Mail is that which can be identified as forwarded from the President or Vice President of the United States, attorneys, members of the U.S. Congress, Embassies and Consulates, the U.S. Department of Justice (excluding the Bureau of Prisons but including U.S. Attorneys), other federal law enforcement officers, State Attorney Generals, Prosecuting Officers and State Courts, but must be clearly identified on the envelope marked “Special Mail – Open only in the presence of the inmate.” If this statement is not clearly stated on the incoming mail, it will be considered as general correspondence, and will be opened by mail room staff. Mail received from the chambers of a judge or from a member of the United States Congress will not require Special Mail marking.
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