FTC Oklahoma City Mental Health of Prisoners

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Psychology staff will provide a full range of Psychological Services on an as-needed basis. Clinical evaluations (reports) are completed on all newly committed inmates and on all for whom special evaluations are requested. These reports are completed with the understanding that they will be part of the official record. Counseling and therapy is available and these communications are considered confidential. However, there are limits to confidentiality which will be explained by the therapist prior to counseling. Specialty programs such as stress management, rationale thinking and dealing with grief will be periodically offered and available to inmates. All Psychology Services programs are voluntary.

One special concern is that of suicide prevention. You may find yourself feeling depressed and hopeless during the time of your incarceration. We know from experience that given an opportunity to talk with someone about these issues can help the person see additional alternatives to the irreversible choice of suicide. Psychologists are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to these emergencies and, you should not hesitate to talk to any staff member who will immediately contact appropriate mental health resources to help you deal with suicidal issues. You do not have to engage in dramatic, potentially life-threatening actions in order to get the attention of Psychology Services staff. All you have to do is tell a staff member that you are thinking about self-harm or suicide and we will respond.

Psychologists also work very closely with the medical department and the consulting psychiatrist. If there are problems with psychiatric medications or concerns in this area, you should feel free to contact Psychology Services staff with an “Inmate Request to Staff Member” (Copout) form or have a staff member contact the Psychology Department. Medication requests are handled by the hospital staff and you would generally be directed to go to sick call for this assessment.

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