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Health Services

Health care at the MCC requires your active participation. By participating in the process,you assume responsibilities,including providing a complete and accurate history, taking medication, following recommendations made at visits, and keeping appointments.

Being an active participant in your health care gives you the greatest chance of success in improving your health and well being.
The MCC Health Services Department is located on the 7th floor. The Department includes Dental, Medical, X-Ray and laboratory testing capabilities. Most of you will have a physical examination if you are here at least 10 days. The possible exception to this rule is for those inmates who are being transferred here from another BOP facility. If you have any chronic medical condition(s)you will be enrolled in a clinic to see a Primary Care Practitioner (PCP) and the supervising physician. You should check the housing unit call-out sheets daily to see if you have been scheduled for an appointment. Note: It is possible that you might be scheduled for an evening clinic; therefore, it is your responsibility to check
the call-out sheet in its entirety.

Medical and dental sick call will be conducted by medical staff, Monday through Friday (except Wednesdays, weekends, & holidays) on your housing unit, starting at approximately 6:00 am to 7:30 am. When sick call is announced on your floor, present your completed sick call form to the medical staff member. To expedite the process please have your sick call form completely filled in prior to the sick call times. Your correctional officer has the sick call slips. Sick call callout appointments will occur between one to fourteen days of the request. (DO NOT submit a cop-out when requesting a sick call appointment. Doing so will only delay your requests.)

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