MCC New York Visitation

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MONDAY (Z-A ) 9 South – SHU
MONDAY (B-A) Unit 2 – Females
TUESDAY (K-S) 11 South
THURSDAY (I-N) 9 North
THURSDAY (E-N) 5 North
FRIDAY (K-N) 11 North
FRIDAY (K-S) 11 South
SATURDA Y (E -S) 5 South – CADRE
SUNDAY (E -S) 5 South – CADRE

Dress code

Visitors will not be permitted to wear suggestive or revealing clothing. Persons not conforming to these standards may be refused visiting privileges. Visitors over the age of 12 years old will not be allowed into the institution in short skirts, mini skirts, shorts or dresses exceeding three inches above the kneecap in length. See-through clothing, halter tops, tube tops, tank tops and any kind of top that reveals the midriff, low-cut shirts or blouses, revealing front and backless clothing, skin-tight clothing, spandex clothing, and sweat pants are NOT allowed. Further, pants with holes in the knees or buttocks are NOT permitted.

Additionally, hooded shirts of any kind are also prohibited. All visitors are required to wear footwear and undergarments (including bras for females)and must have a clear plastic container/ bag. Open toe sandals are not allowed.

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