MCC San Diego Religious Programs

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If you choose to continue your spirituality, you will be assisted by the department chaplain. Religious services and/or personal counseling are available by request. If you wish to be placed on the list for services, or would like to speak with the clergy personally, submit a Request To Staff Member form through the institutional mail system. The same procedure will apply if you wish to seek approval to participate in the Religious Diet Program.

Si usted decide continuar cultivando su espiritualidad, usted será asistido por un capellán. Servicios religiosos y/o consejería personal están disponible cuando se solicite. Si usted desea estar incluido en la lista de servicios o le gustaría hablar con el capellán personalmente, complete un copout y envíelo a través del correo interno de la institución. Siga el mismo procedimiento si desea participar en el Programa de Alimento

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