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Contact with the Community and Public Mail Room

The Mail Room has “Open House” four days a week. The hours of Open House are from 11:30 a.m. -12:15 p.m., Tuesday through Friday, except the Tuesday following a Monday holiday.

Express Services

Program Statement 5800.11 (Mail Management Manual) prohibits use of Express Mailing Services to the inmate population. This includes Federal Express, Postal Express, UPS, and other private carrier services. Registered, Certified and Certified-Return Requested services are available during the Mail Room “Open House” hours. These services are provided at the inmate’s expense.

Outgoing Postage

The Mail Room staff will weigh outgoing mail for correct postage due. Large packages will be taken to the R&D area for weighing. Staff will provide the inmate with the cost of mailing articles Certified Mail, Certified Mail Return Receipt, and insured. These services will be paid by the inmate through postage stamps acquired from the Commissary.

Interested parties must send all funds intended for inmates at USMCFP Springfield to the LockBox Program location at the following address: Federal Bureau of Prisons
Inmate Committed Name Inmate Register Number
Post Office Box 474701 Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001

Institutions throughout the Bureau of Prisons no longer accept funds received for inmates from any outside parties. Any funds received will be rejected and returned to the sender. With the rejections, we will enclose specific instructions on how the sender may send funds to the LockBox Program. Please notify all persons sending you funds to send them to the LockBox Program address listed above and to follow the instructions below:

Do not enclose personal checks, letters, pictures, or any other items in the envelope with the funds.
Enclose only the allowable negotiable instruments, such as money orders, government checks, and business checks. A 15 day hold will be placed on all negotiable instruments with the exception of a postal money order or Quick Collect Western Union transfer. The LockBox Program will accept allowable negotiable instruments from other countries provided their stated value is in U.S. currency. The LockBox Program cannot forward any items enclosed with the negotiable instrument to the inmate. Items, personal in nature, must be mailed directly to the Bureau of Prisons institution where the inmate is housed.

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