MCFP Springfield Substance Abuse Programs

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Psychology Department offers the following Drug Abuse Programs:

1. Drug Education Purpose: To educate participants about the abuse of alcohol and other drugs and to motivate participants to pursue more intensive drug abuse programming. This program is mandatory if the inmate meets the following criteria:
Evidence in the Pre-Sentence Investigation that alcohol or other drugs use contributed to the commission of the instant offense;
Alcohol or other drug use was a reason for violation of parole or probation for which the inmate is now incarcerated; or
3. The innate was recommended for drug programming by the court. This program is also offered to any inmate who voluntarily wishes to participate.

Non-residential Drug Abuse Program Purpose: To provide ongoing group counseling for inmates in a non-residential format. who either do not qualify or do not desire to participate in the Residential Drug Abuse Program. This program is also appropriate for inmates who have very short sentences and for those who have already completed a residential program and desire aftercare counseling prior to their release. These services include individual or group counseling, completion of the Non-Residential Drug Abuse Interactive Workbook, and Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous Meetings.

Residential Drug Abuse Program Purpose: To provide comprehensive residential drug abuse treatment for inmates with moderate to severe histories of substance abuse. This 500 hour program is based on the biopsychosocial model of treatment. This model stresses that individuals assume personal responsibility for changing their behavior. While an Individual may not have control over a variety of biological, psychological and social/environmental factors which contributed to the development of substance abuse, the individual is responsible for the choices he or she makes. USMCFP-SPG offers this program to inmates who meet the qualifications and have a medical housing need. Non-medical inmates who qualify for this program are transferred to other institutions.

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