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Two depositories, one for outgoing general and one for “Special Mail” (see section pertaining to “Special Mail”) are located in every housing unit. You are required to place general mail in the appropriate depository UNSEALED. Outgoing mail is collected from the depositories every day, excluding weekends and federal holidays, no later than 8:00 a.m. You are reminded that you are responsible for the contents of the letters you mail. Correspondence containing threats, extortion, etc., may result in prosecution for violation of federal law. All outgoing mail must display a complete return address on the upper left hand corner on the front of the envelope (see example below). The return address must include your committed name. Your committed name is the name used by the arresting officer as noted on the detention order at the time of your admission to this facility. Please notify your correspondents not to address mail using nicknames or aliases. If you have a hyphenated last name, ensure your incoming and outgoing mail displays both surnames. The return address portion of the envelope and all incoming correspondence and publications should be completed as follows:

Your committed name and register number Metropolitan Detention Center P. O. Box 329002 Brooklyn, NY 11232

Writing paper, envelopes, pens, and pencils are provided by the Metropolitan Detention Center, and may not be obtained from outside sources. You may purchase additional items from the commissary. You must affix proper postage. Unit staff, through the Mail Room, will assist you in determining proper postage. Postage stamps of various denominations are available through the institution Commissary. Stamps or stamped items may not be received through the mail. You may not purchase, or have in your possession, more than sixty first-class stamps. International, certified, registered, insured and return receipt mail services are provided upon request. Contact your correctional counselor if you do not have sufficient funds to purchase postage stamps.


An inmate who has neither funds nor sufficient postage and who wishes to mail legal mail (includes courts and attorneys) or Administrative Remedy forms will be provided the postage stamps for such mailing. To prevent abuses of this provision, the Warden may impose restrictions on the legal and administrative remedy mailings. (See Program Statement 5265.11, Correspondence)


You are permitted to correspond with another inmate provided you have received approval. See your case manager to receive appropriate approvals. In order to do so, you must be immediate family members, or co-defendants (with active litigation ). All outgoing and incoming approved inmate-to-inmate correspondence is opened and inspected.


“Special Mail” is defined as correspondence sent to or from individuals or agencies such as attorneys, federal and state elected government officials, state correctional agencies, federal or state parole/probation agencies, and representatives of the news media. It is your responsibility to notify your legal counsel or agencies entitled to legal mail privileges of incoming “Special Mail” requirements. Incoming “Special Mail” must meet the following criteria to be processed as “Special Mail”: The return address must bear the name of an individual attorney. If forwarded from a law firm or office, it must specify the individual attorney’s name and title. The outside of the envelope must contain the marking “Special Mail – Open Only in the Presence of the Inmate.” It is your responsibility to clearly mark on the outside of the envelope with the words: “Special Mail” or “Legal Mail” in order for the item to be processed as such. Outgoing “Special Mail” shall be picked up from the housing unit daily, Monday through Friday, by Mail Room staff. Inmates must deliver their own outgoing mail, Special/Legal mail, directly to the hands of the Unit Officer for placement in the legal box.

Outgoing special mail submitted without an accurate return address will not be processed but returned immediately to the inmate. The Unit Officer receiving the mail must immediately confirm that the inmate delivering the mail is the same inmate reflected in the return address on the envelop. Inmates attempting to send outgoing special/legal mail under another inmate’s name will be considered for disciplinary action. Inmates may still seal their outgoing special/legal mail before submitting it to the Unit Officer for processing, and it will not be opened unless contraband is apparent. Mail room staff will obtain the special/legal mail from the Unit officer at the regularly scheduled time and the mail will be processed and stamped in accordance with policy. Each Unit Officer collecting Special Mail shall maintain a log book for outgoing special mail in which staff shall enter the date the mail was received from the inmate, the inmate’s name and register number, address of the outgoing mail, the receiving staff members signature, the mail room staff members signature, and the date and time the mail was picked up. If “Special Mail” markings are properly indicated, on the outside of the envelope, it will be date/time stamped, and the reverse side of the envelope will be stamped with “Special Mail” handling instructions for the benefit of the court or your legal counsel.

Mail from the chambers of a federal judge or from a member of the U.S. Congress will be afforded special mail handling without “Special Mail” markings on the envelope. Incoming mail which satisfies special mail handling requirements will not be opened in the Mailroom. The item will be logged and date/time stamped. A unit staff member will deliver it, and open and inspect it for contraband before giving it to you.


Use of outgoing overnight mail delivery privileges are not afforded to federal prisoners. Incoming overnight mail will be processed as general correspondence. Incoming overnight mail which satisfies “Special Mail” handling requirements will be processed the same as non-overnight “Special Mail.”


You must have a package permit to receive any item(s) other than regular mail or approved publications. The “Authorization to Receive Package” form may be obtained from unit staff. Any packages at the post office or delivered to this institution that do not have a package permit will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender.


All mail is picked up daily at the U.S. Post Office except weekends and federal holidays. Incoming mail is delivered to the inmate population within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt; authorized packages within forty eight (48) hours. Mail call is held in the housing unit after the 4:00 p.m. institution count, Monday through Friday.

All incoming inmate general correspondence is opened and inspected. Unauthorized items (contraband) are removed and returned to sender with a form explaining the reason for rejection. You will receive a copy of any rejection notice at mail call.

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