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Inmates may take advantage of the wide range of leisure activities when not performing assigned duties. Leisure activities include participation in organized and informal games, wellness activities, curricular and extracurricular activities, sports, social activities, art work, physical fitness, table games, and board games. Recreation staff are available to provide assistance in planning and organizing recreational activities. Rules for conduct for Recreation Activities are as follows:

When activities are held on the recreation deck, the home team is responsible for the conduct of the spectators.
Arguing with the officials at any time is prohibited.
If ejected you must leave the area immediately.
Spectators are not permitted on the court/field at any time.
Rules of conduct are not open to negotiation or individual interpretation.
Official’s call is final and can only be overturned in EXTREME circumstances.
Teams may be penalized and may forfeit the contest for poor conduct by the spectators and/or team members.

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