MDC Guaynabo Correspondence

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Incoming Mail: Mail service is provided five days a week, Monday through Friday. Mail received from the U.S. Post Office will be processed for delivery the same day it arrives. Only mail and authorized
packages, including Express Mail, from the U.S. Post Office will be accepted at this facility. Mail from Federal Express, United Parcel Service, and like companies will not be accepted for delivery to inmates. All incoming inmate mail must have the inmate’s full name, as listed with the Bureau of Prisons, and the register number. Any piece of mail missing this information may be returned to the sender.

All money and funds are required to be sent to the bank depository in Des Moines, Iowa. It is recommended that U.S. Postal money orders be used to send money to inmates. Other checks will take fifteen (15) days for processing before funds are credited to the inmate’s commissary account. No cash will be accepted.

The following items are prohibited by policy from being mailed into this institution:

Stationery supplies
Plastic or musical greeting cards, and unused cards.
Any quantity of publications which exceeds the current quota regulations (5 soft back books, 3 magazines).
Any personal property, unless prior approval has been received and appropriate forms are completed, by authorized staff.
Nude or Polaroid pictures.
Any contraband.
Hard cover publications, soft-cover publications, newspapers and magazines are to be sent from the publisher, from a book club or from the bookstore. Refer to Program Statement 5266.10 (28 CFR 540.70) Incoming Publications.

Packages may not be received by an inmate without prior approval by staff through the use of an Authorization to Receive Package form, which can be obtained from your unit counselor. Packages will not be accepted without this authorization and will be returned to the sender. When an inmate departs this institution, he will be given a Bureau of Prisons change of address card. This card will be maintained in the mail room for thirty days. After this thirty-day period, any general correspondence received at this institution will be returned to the sender. A U.S. Post Office “Change of Address Kit”, is available in the unit so an inmate may notify correspondents of their change of address. The inmate must provide the postage for these cards if used.

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