MDC Guaynabo Personal Property

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Only personal property specifically allowed will be permitted in your room. It will be maintained in a neat and orderly manner at all times inside your locker, which should be locked at all times for your own safety and to prevent theft.

Clothing must be maintained inside the lockers. Dirty clothes will be placed in the issued laundry bag. Inmate footwear can be stored under the bottom bunk in an orderly manner. Laundry bags may contain laundry only, and may be tied to the end of the bed furthest away from the window. Laundry bags may not be utilized for additional storage space.

Books, paperbacks, and magazines will be allowed in accordance with institution supplement on inmate property.

Hobby craft work will not be allowed in the room.

Any other personal items will be kept inside the inmate’s locker when not in use. There shall be no boxes or cardboard in the cells. This includes cardboard under the beds or as homemade trash cans. The only exception will be made for legal materials which may be stored in approved boxes that fit under the bed. (This must have prior written approval of the Unit Manager).

Storage of any items under the mattress is not allowed.

There will be no changes or alterations made to the inmate rooms or to any part of the physical plant, structure or fixtures.

At no time will inmates consume food service meal items in their cells. The only exception will be one piece of fruit, when served. The inmate may take the fruit back to their cell for consumption.

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