MDC Guaynabo Substance Abuse Programs

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Treatment Program (Drug Abuse Programs) Drug Education

The purpose of the Drug Education course is to inform inmates of the consequences of drug/alcohol abuse and to motivate inmates to seek treatment while incarcerated or upon release. The Drug Education course provides information about.drugs and alcohol so in the future participant can make the most informed decision. Drug Education considers the benefits of being drug free. It provides resources available for further help. The Program typically meets once a week for two hours. Drug Education is a mandatory program for many inmates. The program is offered in English.

Non-Residential Drug Abuse Program

The Non-Residential Drug Abuse Program has the purpose to afford inmates, with drug problems, an opportunity to receive drug treatment. The program is designed for inmates who have been found guilty for an incident report related with drug use, judicial recommendation referred for drug abuse treatment. Inmates who do not have enough time remaining on their sentence to complete a Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP), or inmates who are waiting to become eligible to participate in RDAP are also considered for this program. The program is conducted 90 to 120 minutes a week for a minimum of 12 weeks and a maximum of 24 weeks. The NR Drug Abuse Program covers a variety of topics including the patterns of drug use, history of inmate drug use; consequences of use in behavior, rational thinking and feelings, and relapse prevention. The program motivates the participant to create a personal statement to change. Also, the program encourages the participant to make a self-analysis to improve thinking style and ways to encounter situations in the future. Rehabilitation is not an event but it is a process. That is why the Drug Abuse Program encourages participants to continue seeking treatment. The program is offered in English.

Incentives: When the participant completes the program successfully, he or she may be awarded up to $30.00.

Residential Drug Abuse Program Screening

The MDC- Guaynabo does not offer the Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP). However, The Drug Abuse Program staff do complete screenings for RDAP. Inmates should submit an Inmate Request to Staff (cop out) to be screened for RDAP when they are 36 months from their projected release date. Candidates ordinarily must have 24 months or more remaining in their sentence. The review process requires several steps and typically takes weeks to complete. After the case is reviewed, inmates will be placed on call out for a Screening Interview. At that time, inmates are notified about their eligibility for program participation and their eligibility for possible sentence reduction upon program successful completion. The RDAP has a duration of nine (9) to twelve (12) months. The program is offered in English.

Incentives: 1) Participants can receive monetary awards of up to $40 per successfully completed treatment phase. 2) Upon successful completion of the RDAP, inmates may receive up to a year early release under procedures outlined in policy. 3) Consideration for the maximum period of time in a community-based treatment program. 4) Other incentives as determined at the RDAP institution.

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