MDC Guaynabo Visitation

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Metropolitan Detention Center Guaynabo is on a 12 Week Rotation Visiting Schedule

Location & visitor information

Visitor Information:

Metropolitan Detention Center
RD.28 AND 165 St.
Guaynabo, P.R. 00965

Telephone (787) 749-4480

The following information is to assist visitors in locating and procuring transportation to and
from MDC Guaynabo. MDC Guaynabo is located adjacent to the Fort Buchanan Army Base on
Highway 22, 28 and 165.

1. Taxicabs: There are numerous taxicab companies serving the Guaynabo area. Below is a
list of several taxicab companies:

Antillas Cab 722-2490
Assn.Cataño 788-1792
Major Taxi Cabs 723-2460
Rochdale Cabs 724-3232

2. AMA Bus Route 39 from Rio Piedras to Cataño stops at the northeast and northwest
corner of highway 165 at the intersection of highway 28.

3. Airlines: San Juan is served by several major airlines. Luis Munoz Marin, International
Airport is located approximately fifteen miles form MDC Guaynabo. Taxi service is
available. Below is a list of several airline companies that service San Juan:


American Airlines (800)462-4757 787-749-1747

Canadian AIR 787-791-4553

Carnival Airlines 787-890-7575

Delta Airline (800)221-1212 787-721-1144

Lufthansa 787-723-9553

Mexican 787-791-1268

TWA (800)892-8466 728-5595

United Airlines (800)241-6522 787-253-2770

US Air (800)428-4322 787-725-4895

Dress code

In order to uphold necessary standards of appropriate dress in the visiting room, visitors will not be permitted to wear the following articles:

< Transparent clothing, halter tops, sleeveless shirt, blouses above
the waistline, shorts, mini-skirts or dresses (shorter than 3″ above
the knees), culottes or spandex tights;

< apparel of a suggestive or revealing nature;

< sandals or slippers no open toe shoe

< removable head wear such as wigs, hats and scarfs. Such items
must be removed for inspection prior to being admitted into the

< jackets;

< clothing that is similar to that issued to inmates (i.e., khaki pants,
shirts, etc.) or similar to officers’ uniform (i.e., combination of
white and grey pants shirt), including the Tactical Teams
(camouflage/black or blue BDU’s).

< any clothing that has too much metal that will set the metal
detector off. (i.e. jumpsuit’s with metal hooks).

< At the discretion of the shift Lieutenant or Institutional Duty
Officer, children under the age of twelve (12) will be allowed to
wear shorts. No bare feet will be permitted (excluding babies).

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