MDC Los Angeles Educational Programs

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As part of the A and O program, each designated inmate will be tested to determine his educational level. Through this testing, designated inmates may gebin an educational program based on their current educational level. The Literacy Program GED, English as a second language , Adult Cont Ed, Parenting and Leisure and Wellness courses are available. Cadre inmates must hav ea high school diploma or they will be required to attend the literacy program. Literacy and ESL program incentivces.

In order to receive above 4 pay, inmate must be able to demonstrate attainment of a GED or High School Diploma.

Certificates will be awarded for certain levels of achievement in GED and ESL. ESL certificates will be awarded at the halfway mark and at the completion of the functional literacy level of 8th grade. In the literacy program, basic emphasis will be on functional literacy (8th grade) and the passing of the official GED.

Successful completion of the GED program will be awarded a State issued diploma as well as other incentives, which may include participation in the graduation ceremoney, photos or monetary award (max 25$). All awards will be given based on the availability of funds.

Pretrial inmates are not required to participate in educational programs.

Due to the nature of MDC Los Angeles educational resources are limited.

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